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Random Acts of Kindness

Tomorrow is the 6th anniversary of my 21st birthday (don’t do the math).  There’s no reason that everyone shouldn’t feel as good tomorrow as I will, so I’m celebrating by performing one random act of kindness for every year I’ve been alive.

I ask everyone reading this to perform a random act of kindness and let me know via comments on my blog tomorrow what you did.

Get ready to get kind (don’t worry, it’s only for a day).

I Just Want Sleep!

It appears that we’ve been plagued with early morning faulty electronic activity.  First there was the alarm-event-heard-around-the-world, and then this morning there was the fire-alarm-heard-around-the-house.  The smoke detector (which, when asleep with the bedroom door closed sounds very much like the house alarm) started going off.  Naturally, our dog starts shaking and crawling on top of me to hide, while Angel and I curse the alarm for waking us up and debate who the unlucky one is going to be to get up in the cold and go address the situation.

I lost.

Our smoke detectors are all wired together, so when one starts beeping THEY ALL START BEEPING.  It’s really wonderful in a really annoying way.  I identify the rogue device, remove the battery, put the alarm back on the ceiling, and go back to bed.  30 seconds of silence later, our detector has decide it’s not done talking to us.

Long story short we have COMPLETELY uninstalled and dismantled the smoke detector and it’s STILL GOING OFF.  Why do alarms insist on going off in our house in the middle of the night?  We are very unfriendly folks when woken up

27 Random Acts of Kindness

I’m completely inspired by my random Starbucks gift card.  Funny how something so simple can make such a large impact on someone’s frame of mind.

So inspired, actually, that I’ve decided to celebrate my birthday the same way- with one random act of kindness for every year that I’ve been alive.

So on March 21st, I will be taking part in the Birthday Project and performing 27 random acts of kindness.

I will be posting these acts on my blog on this day.

Next Wednesday I want everyone to perform a random act of kindness as well and share it with me on my blog:


Have you ever had one of those days that the second you leave the house, you become aware that it was probably a bad idea?

This happened to me while merging onto the highway (and checking my blind spot like an appropriately safe driver, may I add):

Damn you, rocks!

By the time I pulled into work, the crack had already grown to an inch in size, and I expect the afternoon sun to take care of the rest.  Right after this happened, I opened my Frappuccino bottle (because I’m getting good about stopping at Starbucks and am instead buying it for cheaper at Costco) while I hit a bump and am now wearing my beloved Frappuccino… but that’s okay because coffee is the new black.  I also have Frappuccino all over my seat, steering wheel, and floor mats.  Bucket seats are exactly that, folks!

Le sigh.

This is why we have high quality front loading washers and a Tide theft problem.  Clearly everyone else spills coffee on themselves on their way to honest paying jobs, because there’s no other logical excuse for stealing Tide.

I really just wish Tide thiefs would come clean.

Weekend Wrap Up

Angel and I received a very generous act of kindness in the mail- a Starbucks gift card and the message that the card can only be used for us to get coffee together.  We also have free movie passes that I won in school about a year ago that we’ve been meaning to use, but actually lost for a while during our move.  I found them the other day and when we got the Starbucks card, I told Angel that we should go to a movie and get coffee (which we used to do a lot before we were married).  We ended up not going to a movie because we couldn’t agree between Project X and The Vow, but that’s beside the point.

So on Saturday morning we took the dog to Starbucks to enjoy the beautiful weather (sunny, 80, not a cloud in the sky).  We realized about half way there that we forgot the card, had a good laugh about who’s fault it was, and continued on our way.  This random act of kindness and wish that we got coffee together will happen at least twice (or likely more because we are seriously very forgetful people).  I truly appreciate the generosity and reminder to pause day to day life and enjoy being together.

On Saturday, my sister in law and her family suffered a devastating loss.  Having just gone through (possibly) the worst month of my life, the pain of loss is still too fresh in my mind.  So on Sunday I paid our random act of kindness forward, and surprised her with an arrangement of yellow roses.

This weekend made me reflect again upon our recent miscarriage and served as a reminder to me that bad things sometimes happen to good people.  We can deal with them by crawling into our beds, watching sad movies on repeat, and looking for blame, or we can deal with them head on, allow ourselves to be occasionally sad, and then choose to be happy.  I’ve known relationships to suffer when faced with such taxing situations.  I have actively chosen for this to do exactly the opposite.  I’m closer with Angel, closer with my friends, and investing myself into things that make me happy.


“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”


P.S. The quote isn’t ironic.  This was my active thought process when I named my blog in January.