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Crafting, and Crafting, and Crafting- Oh, My!

I am a domestic goddess.

The last two days I’ve finally broken into the embroidery machine that Angel got for me while we were living in our crap castle.  Remember that place?  Yeah, unfortunately so do I.  So anyway, I spent a long evening trying to figure out how to use it, and from my first masterpiece, I was hooked!

Not bad for the first try

Not bad for the first try

A few burp cloths later….



… And I was running out of things to embroider and colors of thread.  So I ordered more thread from my beloved Amazon and moved on to another sewing project: more baby TOMS!!!





Seriously, I love these things!  The bottom photo is the toddler version that has Velcro instead of elastic and are slightly larger than my fingernail so they are easier to sew.  And the black ones I assembly lined and about 20 minutes into it I felt a little bit like I was working in a Nike sweat shop.

And then because I was running out of things to sew or people to sew them for, I moved back to my embroidery machine to make more designs for when my thread arrives tomorrow.

When I was done with that, I set myself loose on my house with my P-touch label maker.

When everything in the house was either embroidered or labeled, my brain told me that I should go for a run but then my ass was all like “dude, chill, this couch is really comfy.”  So I sat down with my baby and his custom burp cloths and watched trashy TV until it was dinner time and I realized that there wasn’t anything to make because the food in the fridge had expired.  So I just did my go-to of spaghetti and patted myself on the back for leaving the craft room long enough to make food.  You go, me!

Aaaaaand then I unjammed the vacuum from all of the hair that it’s been sucking up.  Maybe it’s the prenatal vitamins that I started taking again, or maybe it’s the 5 inches of hair that I cut off, or maybe it’s just that I stopped showering so my hair never comes out of a pony tail long enough for me to recognize that it’s still falling out, but I’m not shedding at a chemo patient pace anymore.  Seeing that it cut waaaaaay back the second that I got home from my haircut, I’m just going to chalk it all up as my long, old, color damaged, hair telling me that it was totally time to pop a vitamin and cut it off.

I’m going to go embroider a pair of Angel’s underwear now (just because I can) so I’m done with the blog.  But before I go, allow me to plaster my webpage with photos of my child.

Oh my goodness, I love this little dude!

Oh my goodness, I love this little dude!

"Did Daddy dress you this morning?"

“Did Daddy dress you this morning?”

The Michigan boys getting ready to watch the final four game

The Michigan boys getting ready to watch the final four game

I don't know why all of the Michigan photos.  I guess it was theme week in our house

I don’t know why all of the Michigan photos. I guess it was theme week in our house

Dog: still boy's best friend

Dog: still boy’s best friend

I’ll be available to sign autographs in the Kalamazoo area Monday.

Weekend Update

So you know how I’ve been saying that I’m experimenting with all of these crafting projects?  Well, I feel like I’ve completely fallen off of the wagon.  I’m knee deep in a scrapbook, 2 diaper cakes (that I’ve sold!!), 200 hand made paper leaves for Marissa’s wedding, and Jessica is on her way over to make 30 valentine’s for her son’s class.


Meanwhile, Sunday’s usually suck because I know that I have to go to work tomorrow.  HOWEVER, I have tomorrow OFF!!!!!  I’m seriously loving this stay-at-home thing.  I have a turkey breast defrosting to make honey mustard glazed turkey for dinner, a stack of coupons that I clipped out of today’s paper, and an afternoon of crafting ahead of me.  I feel like I have grasped my domestic goddess title.

Diaper Cakes

Like I said below, I have been enjoying finding creative outlets for myself lately.  One of the more fun ones has been making diaper cakes for my seemingly endless supply of pregnant friends.  Ladies- stop drinking the water.

One of my good friends is bidding farewell to Arizona so that she can go deliver her spawn closer to family.  Since she’s been the most supportive of my diaper cake side business (aside from my awesome husband who finally convinced me to sell them), I naturally had to make her a cake for her going away.

"This was by far the best one you have done!"

Laura, you will be missed and I require you to bring Kyle and baby Hailey back at least once a year.

P.S. I packed extra baby caps inside the diaper cake so that you can cover your baby’s cone head before you start snapping away with the camera.  You’ll thank me for that some day.