I Just Want Sleep!

It appears that we’ve been plagued with early morning faulty electronic activity.  First there was the alarm-event-heard-around-the-world, and then this morning there was the fire-alarm-heard-around-the-house.  The smoke detector (which, when asleep with the bedroom door closed sounds very much like the house alarm) started going off.  Naturally, our dog starts shaking and crawling on top of me to hide, while Angel and I curse the alarm for waking us up and debate who the unlucky one is going to be to get up in the cold and go address the situation.

I lost.

Our smoke detectors are all wired together, so when one starts beeping THEY ALL START BEEPING.  It’s really wonderful in a really annoying way.  I identify the rogue device, remove the battery, put the alarm back on the ceiling, and go back to bed.  30 seconds of silence later, our detector has decide it’s not done talking to us.

Long story short we have COMPLETELY uninstalled and dismantled the smoke detector and it’s STILL GOING OFF.  Why do alarms insist on going off in our house in the middle of the night?  We are very unfriendly folks when woken up

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