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Happy Brithday To My Little Man!

Today is extra special because you turn ONE,
We’ll eat cake and ice cream and have lots of fun


It seems like just yesterday that you were brand new,


And now there are so many things you can do!


We’ll light your first candle and make a big fuss,
To be sure that you know you are precious to us!


Today’s extra special because you turn ONE!


And the best part of all: your life’s just begun!


Happy birthday, Lucas!! Mommy, Daddy, and so many of your family and friends love you so much. I don’t know what we ever did without you.

I Can’t Argue With You

Yesterday Lucas learned a new word: no.  I was changing his diaper on the floor of his bedroom when he rolled away from me and started playing with his toys, butt naked.  I didn’t mind until he started playing in the pile of clean laundry, at which point I stopped him because I didn’t want to wash the laundry again.  I said (in my sweetest mom voice): “Lucas.  Can I put a diaper on you?”  He looked at me, said “no” and turned and walked away towards his pacifier.

I really don’t know how to argue with you when you use the word correctly.



I did get to spend some time with him and Molly in the backyard between rain storms to enjoy some quick fall photos.  Molly enjoyed being let out in the backyard for the first time in months, and Lucas wasn’t really sure what to do with the leaves when he wasn’t allowed to eat them. Is this food?  Can I eat them?  I’m going to eat them.

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On a light note, let’s talk for a minute about how Kate Middleton is ruining it for the rest of us Moms.  Have you seen the photo of her playing volleyball 2 months after she had her son?  Allow me to refresh your memory:

Kate-Middleton-shows-her-flat-stomach-whilst-playing-volleyball-2472789Yeeeaaahhh, this isn’t normal.  Where are her stretch marks, fat spilling over her jeans, and bags under her eyes?!?  Before I had a baby I saw all of these celebrities in magazines talking about how they lost baby weight in “30 days!” and looked like an airbrushed version of Kate Middleton and I thought this was normal.  So 6 months later when I was still wearing Spanx and avoiding mirrors, I thought that I was the unusual one.

Can we all just agree now to call a duck a duck?  Let’s throw some Spanx on under our shirts, pile on makeup under our eyes to hide the fact that we haven’t slept in a year, and then throw a cardigan over it all and pretend like no one notices that we’re anything less than awesome?  I say this all after I threw out my eye makeup and used eye drops for my pink eye.  But what’s a case of pink eye among family?

All in a day’s work….