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How Many Shows Does It Take To Make A Kardashian Relevant?

After last weekend’s amazingness, I’ve spent this weekend being productive from the confines of my house.  Leaving to pick up pants from the alterations lady and go to the grocery store took some serious thought and a small pep talk.


I cleaned my house.  I made homemade guacamole just because I could.  I mopped the floors.  I don’t know if you all understand how rare that is so I’ll say it again: I mopped the floors.  I ran my errands, finished up some work work (because I’m being audited and that’s lovely), and now I’m rounding the bases by sitting on my futon, having never changed out of last night’s pajamas, watching the Kardashian marathon.


Molly greets you all by snoring next to me so loudly that I keep turning up the TV just to hear.


A quiet weekend is clearly what we all needed.


And then Angel slid down the stairs and possibly sprained his ankle.


Okay, so here’s the breakdown of President Obama’s visit to Intel from a republican perspective.  In short: I may not agree with the guy, but I can certainly respect the job.


On Monday morning, I got an email that President Obama was going to be visiting my workplace.  I reread it a few times because I hadn’t yet consumed this morning’s coffee (side note: giving up caffeine is NOT going well- clearly).  There was a raffle for employees to win tickets, but I figured that was going to be a cold shot in hell so I instead signed up to be one of the volunteers that was needed thinking that if I can’t get there I was at least going to get as close as I could.


Well, I was right.  And as it turns out, all of the volunteers got tickets to the speech!  All volunteering is done for selfish reasons, they just don’t always pay off as well as this one did.


So I show up at 9am in the Intel construction parking lot like I was told.  I’m greeted by the head of the White House Events staff and am briefed on how the event is going to go down.  I’m part of the team managing crowd control at the metal detectors to get into the event.  Sounds cool enough.


We get bussed over to the event from the parking lot as soon as the secret service has completed their security sweep of the area.  When I get there, I hop through the metal detectors and take a quick camera shot of the area before the estimated 6,000 people started showing up:

He's here to talk about job creation, thus the construction backdrop


And then I volunteer for 5 hours (there is no way to write about this and it not sound boring, so I’m going to spare you the details).


On the little down time we have, a few of us shoot the shit with the White House Events guy.  When he comes to let us know that the final bus has brought the last of the guests, we are “dismissed” to go into the event.  We go through security (which seems oddly less violating than airports), and then events guy tells us to follow him.  Not entirely sure what else he has us signed up for, I go.  What the hell, right?  I’m not the BIGGEST supporter of the guy, it’s more of just being there because I could.


He wanted us to follow him because he dropped us in the designated fenced off path for the Secret Service.  I can deal with this because 6,000 of my closest friends are currently behind me shoved around like a fat lady in spandex.  Turns out there wasn’t any job, he was just helping us out so we got a better view.


So then I meet the CEO as his entourage walks him back and forth between his seat and meeting the president back stage.


The event gets under way.  Excuse the quality of the photos, I was standing on a fence and trying not to drop another iPhone into broken oblivion…

Intel's CEO welcoming the crowd. Whatever, we get it, we aren't here to see you.

They just put out the Presidential Seal between speakers

President Obama talking about the heat in Arizona (it's only 70, you baby)

He must have just gotten word via ear piece that my auto registration is expired. Crap.

After standing for 6 hours waiting for this, his talk is only 30 minutes long and is a repeat of his State of the Union speech the night before.  Like I said, not his biggest supporter, but I can respect who he is.

…And then I had to walk a mile back to my car and wait in traffic to get home.  The experience was still totally worth it.

Longest Weekend On Record

Or perhaps the more appropriate title to this post is “Most Expensive Weekend On Record.”


No joke.


On Friday night my beloved dog, molly (of who I am obsessed with) started throwing up and acting really weird.  Naturally, this always happens right as this night-owl is going to bed at midnight, so… awesome.  She ended up in the animal hospital and the 3am x-ray showed the vet and I that she had a tummy full of rocks.  ROCKS.  Take a minute to think about this: the dog went out the dog door, took a stroll around the yard, and decided that rocks sounded more appetizing than the food inside.  She had to spend the night in the pet hospital, followed by all day Saturday, and then came home Saturday night on puke watch 24/7.  She still has a tummy full of rocks so one puke from her and the only option left is surgery.  Ugh!

Home. Bandaged leg and all


Meanwhile, I proved that my iPhone is just no match for a tile floor.  I completely shattered the screen on it when it flew out of my hand as I was trying to hang it up.  So one trip to the Apple store and a new phone later, Angel suggested I get one of these cases for it:

Big and Bulky, and possibly bomb proof

So that’s awesome.

Saturday over.  I assume we’ve crossed the annoying, expensive threshold.  Incorrect assumption.


On Sunday morning Angel’s headed to the old house to make a few minor repairs before the renters move in on Thursday and I’m sitting up in the loft scrapbooking (duh) with Molly curled up next to me still on suicide watch….. BAM!  Angel backed into the garage door.  Broken door, broken car, 100% annoying.  So I spent Sunday trying to get garage repair men out to the house to fix our house.


Most people enjoy weekends.  I was DYING (thankfully not literally) for this one to end!  The Rivas household should live in a plastic bubble.  That may be safest for everyone.