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Stop! Family Time!

I can’t believe that one short day after I vowed to keep up my blog I missed. But I swear to the internet that I posted yesterday in my head. Unfortunately, it looks like none of that actually made it to the WordPress app. My brain apologizes.

Happy Day 52:

I finished crafting my mantle. Disregard the wall color, soooo not my choice and clearly doesn’t match any decor in our house. Mmm…. Pea soup.

Happy Day 53:
A family selfie from the beach of Traverse City at sunset. Not pictured is Molly in my lap. We all made it up here and look forward to some awesome family time this weekend thanks to the surprise of my awesome husband for booking the hotel this weekend and planning our Michigan Wine Country getaway!


Enjoy your families this weekend everyone! And don’t forget to call your moms and dads and tell them sorry for throwing a fit when they took you to dinner on vacation. They swear, they thought you liked chicken.

46, 47, 48- Oh My!

Sorry I haven’t posted the last few days, my toddler has had a raging case of toddler…





For Day 46: p


We got Lucas a water table and he L.O.V.E.S. It!

Day 47: crafts



That raging case of toddler that I mentioned? It’s not just limited to the dinner table.


There’s no crying in Hobby Lobby!

And day 48: this dude just cracks me up. In this photo, he’s as close to the TV as possible watching Mickey Mouse with his hand so far down his diaper that it’s coming off. He walked around the room to play after this with some serious plumbers crack while I just laughed and laughed. Boys- it’s nature.


Cheers! It’s finally summer in the Midwest



Reunited, And It Feels So Good

Molly got some good news at the vet today, just a bunch of things to keep an eye on and some possible surgeries in her future.  As it turns out, no woman is immune to the effects of age… Poor baby.  But as it is, she’s going to live to see another day because the lumps (plural) all seem benign so far.  It’s good for so many reasons, but the biggest is that she’s become such a part of the family.  My kids are like two peas in a pod and it makes me so happy.

43 and 44 Happy Days

43: date night! We got a babysitter and I put on the skirt that I made and we were off to a wedding for the evening.


44: Lucas eating ice cream:



But the thing that really makes me happy is this ball of fur:

I got her when I was single and living alone, and now she’s playing with my toddler. This ball of fur has made me happy, sad, mad, worried, and taught me how to be a mom. She lays in bed with me when I’m not feeling well and is the first person to greet me when I walk through the door. A couple of weeks ago I found a lump on her back and I’ve been too scared of what the vet would say to get her checked out. Today she peed all over the couch while she was sleeping and now I have no choice but to take this munchkin in and see what they say. Hoping for something not serious because Lucas loves her as much as I do. When I get him up in the morning it’s “dog!” and he giggles and points at Molly (or as he says “mah-ee!”). She lays with me when I’m not feeling well, so it’s only right to return the favor. I loved my fur baby first.