Monthly Archives: June 2014

55, 56, 57

55: Finishing an awesome family weekend by turning Lucas’ car seat around for the ride home!


56: quiet. Everyone was asleep in bed by 8:30 and I got to enjoy a quiet house ALLLLL to myself to do (here’s the best part… Shhhhhh) whatever I wanted. I thought about having a glass of wine, reading a book, or catching up on trashy tv. I settled on doing the dishes. I need another vacation.

57: welcome to my mind in a 3 minute article read. Enjoy a laugh at every mom’s expense. Enjoy! 5 Minutes in a Mom’s Mind

Stop! Family Time!

I can’t believe that one short day after I vowed to keep up my blog I missed. But I swear to the internet that I posted yesterday in my head. Unfortunately, it looks like none of that actually made it to the WordPress app. My brain apologizes.

Happy Day 52:

I finished crafting my mantle. Disregard the wall color, soooo not my choice and clearly doesn’t match any decor in our house. Mmm…. Pea soup.

Happy Day 53:
A family selfie from the beach of Traverse City at sunset. Not pictured is Molly in my lap. We all made it up here and look forward to some awesome family time this weekend thanks to the surprise of my awesome husband for booking the hotel this weekend and planning our Michigan Wine Country getaway!


Enjoy your families this weekend everyone! And don’t forget to call your moms and dads and tell them sorry for throwing a fit when they took you to dinner on vacation. They swear, they thought you liked chicken.

Which Way Is Up?

Oh my Goodness! I’m not entirely sure where the last… um… 2 weeks went? I sort of got sidetracked by the sun. Lucas and I have spent some time becoming reacquainted with the bright ball of fire in the sky after months and months (and months) of grey sky. I’ve been sewing, playing in the water table, cleaning “the winter” out of my car, going down the slide with Lucas, sitting in the grass, and just generally getting off of the couch. Mmmmm, sun.

So anyway, I promise to keep up my momentum of telling you all about how happy I’m trying to make myself, so how about I just pick up where I left off and we all agree that these last two weeks of radio silence were filled with sun and smiles and an occasional unsolicited hug from my favorite set of chubby baby arms.

Day 49: Lucas wanting to color with me. He takes a crayon for himself, hands one to me, and says “help!” Gladly, munchkin.