Home Security

A while ago a pile of boxes fell over in the middle of the night that instantly woke Angel and I up and we tried to shove our “guard dog” out into the hall to check it out.  She wasn’t interested.

Thank you, you've been helpful

Fast Forward to when our house was broken into through her dog door in early October.  It took the police nearly an hour to find her hiding spot between the couch and wall, and that’s about when we decided that she was more of a liability then home security asset.

Since then, Angel’s agreed to installation of a security system (I’m pretty sure it was out of annoyance to my complaining, actually).  So on New Year’s Eve we had a system installed.

Last night around 1am I got a phone call from ATD telling me that they got notice of a power failure in my system but not to worry because the alarm would still be monitored by battery until power was restored.  Almost immediately the alarm starts beeping like crazy.  I go downstairs to see why and see there’s a notice that the “living room 1” window has been tampered with.  WHAT….THE….HELL

I call ADT and they tell me to go check my windows “What am I paying you for?” before it’s determined to be equipment failure.  No luck in arming the alarm until it was fixed, but I was assured that it wouldn’t continue to beep and “We’re sorry for the inconvenience”

We go back to bed.  Whatever.

2am.  The damn alarm is going off again.  I don’t know why since it was NEVER ARMED.  Call up ATD: “sounds like we’re going to have to send someone out to fix it.”  “Again I ask, what am I paying you for?”



We purchased the security system so we could sleep better at night.  I think we can say this is a smoking success thus far.

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