Have you ever had one of those days that the second you leave the house, you become aware that it was probably a bad idea?

This happened to me while merging onto the highway (and checking my blind spot like an appropriately safe driver, may I add):

Damn you, rocks!

By the time I pulled into work, the crack had already grown to an inch in size, and I expect the afternoon sun to take care of the rest.  Right after this happened, I opened my Frappuccino bottle (because I’m getting good about stopping at Starbucks and am instead buying it for cheaper at Costco) while I hit a bump and am now wearing my beloved Frappuccino… but that’s okay because coffee is the new black.  I also have Frappuccino all over my seat, steering wheel, and floor mats.  Bucket seats are exactly that, folks!

Le sigh.

This is why we have high quality front loading washers and a Tide theft problem.  Clearly everyone else spills coffee on themselves on their way to honest paying jobs, because there’s no other logical excuse for stealing Tide.

I really just wish Tide thiefs would come clean.

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