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25 Weeks


Baby is:

  • 25 weeks and about the size of an eggplant.  The vegetable is disgusting.
  • Not disgusting
  • Well, maybe a little bit.  He’s drinking in amniotic fluid, peeing it out, and then drinking it back in.  He’s also breathing it in.  I’m not sure how nature planned that one to work out, but good for nature for not killing us all.

I am:

  • Tired. Last night my uterus hosted an after hours dance party from 4-8am.  It was all fun and games until the club owner got mad, but lack of sleep will do that to a hormonal Mom in the middle of the night.  So don’t poke the bear today.
  • Otherwise feeling pretty great.  I grunt when I try to get off of the floor or out of bed, but I’m still able to do them on my own and that’s the important part.

Oh, the memories:

  • My wedding ring didn’t fit today.
  • In the middle of the dance party, the DJ had a slight pause to pop more Tums.  Who doesn’t enjoy the chalky taste of Tums in the middle of the night?  This girl.

What the hell:

  • My son better be born with flowing locks like Fabio.  I just finished off my big bottle of Tums and found it more cost effective to purchase a pallet from Costco.  Michigan’s supply of Tums is now being stored in my bathroom cabinet until on or before July 29th.

My Mom comes tomorrow and my need to nest is greater than my need to make sure she enjoys her trip.  I’ve planned her to do list practically down to the minute and then accomplished most of it myself.  She’s dangerously close to losing her mattress to the house 2 year old, who is dangerously close to losing his mattress to the baby who is in my belly not sleeping.  Angel convinced me to wait to assemble the crib and start setting up the room until after she leaves so if you’re reading this Mom: you can thank him for not sleeping on a futon this weekend, but I can’t promise that you won’t be sleeping on one by the end of the weekend.

Must.  Nest.  Now.  My house has been cleaned and the laundry has been washed and put away and I feel like I’m living in a dirt pile of laundry and housework.  The stress of it makes me want to vomit into my Pinterest-worthy nursery crafts.

I have 14 weeks left, which is 3 months.  ONLY 3 MONTHS.  I’m 6 months into growing a tiny human (who still doesn’t have a name, room, or understanding big brother).  I’m pretty sure that by this point with Lucas I was taking naps in the perfectly assembled nursery staring at piles of clean baby clothes.  Right now I’m just hoping that the baby stuff we do have hasn’t been lost to the mice in the basement last winter.  I wouldn’t know because I haven’t gone down to touch a single box, I’m just trusting that I washed it all appropriately and stored it in water-tight containers 6 inches off of the ground and away from the snow-melt flooded corner.  I know 90% of this to not be true.

I’ve kept up with the gym.  I go to water aerobics and yoga each once a week and then spend an hour walking around the track twice a week.  I feel like a super hero until I see my reflection in the glass and am reminded that I’m a pregnant super hero who is really tired and maybe wobbling a little bit.  I’m craving everything sugar and refuse to gain 600 pounds, let that be my motivation to get off of the couch and trade my toddler in for an hour of gym shoes.

I have a crazy busy day tomorrow that starts with the lovely glucose tolerance test but ends with picking up my Mama from the airport.  I think I have a yoga class, play date, and (hopefully) nap to fit into the middle somewhere.  But if my pregnancy brain serves me correctly, I felt like absolute poop following the epic sugar crash from my test with Lucas.  So chances are I’ll finish the test, vomit, feel like passing out, and then eventually settle for laying on the couch a little green around the gills having not accomplished a single thing.

I’ve eaten a box and a half of macaroni and cheese while I wrote this, and am going to spend the rest of my evening wondering why I thought that was a good idea.  Enjoy your evening, everyone!

24 Weeks


Baby is:

  • 24 weeks and about the size of a cantaloupe much like the one I cut up for fruit salad yesterday.  Yum
  • Not being cut up for fruit salad.
  • Can probably sense upside down and right side up now.  So I assume that means that he can also sense my ribs when he aims his kicks

I am:

  • Feeling like a whale.  Second trimester bliss has come and gone- like a tiger flower only blooming for a day.
  • Taking naps again.
  • Have zero patience for living beings in this house.  My son, my husband, my dog, they’ve all been targets of my mood swings.  Poor babies.

Oh, the memories:

  • Swelling fingers and my wedding ring not fitting again.  Some days are worse than others but I think we’re in the last week of not looking like a teen mom.
  • I see food and I want it but then I take a bite and I’m all like “yeah, that was a bad idea” and spend the evening feeling nauseous.

What the hell:

  • The desire to nest paired with the desire to not do anything.  The crib is still in boxes in the corner of the guest room and all of the baby stuff is still packed up in the basement.  Maybe it’s different this time because I know that I have everything so I don’t have the need to hunt and gather?  Whatever it is, the thought of the room and my to do list gives me anxiety so I want to nest but instead I’m just pretending like I’m not about to enter my third trimester with nothing ready.
  • Poor second baby.

This week I’ve hit a major milestone in pregnancy: I’m 24 weeks.  Baby now has a shot in hell at survival should something happen and I have to deliver.  A baby at 24 weeks is nothing to write home about, but the thought that the odds only improve here makes me think that I should maybe get around to unpacking that crib and assemble it.  And by “me” I mean “Angel” (are you reading this?  I’m putting it on the blog so you HAVE to do it now).

Naming is so hard this time.  We used both boy names that we liked on Lucas and now there’s a lot of veto’s flying around.  At this rate, he will be born with no middle name and have to explain why for the rest of his life.

I still don’t think that Lucas understands that he’s going to be a big brother but I could be wrong.  Last night he was sitting next to me on the couch and pointed at his belly and said “baby brother.”  Swing and a miss.  I took out the infant car seat so that I could sew a blanket cover for it and Lucas is suddenly very concerned about the car seat situation.  He likes to go in the guest room where it is and tell me that “Lucas fix the car seat.” It’s nice of him to fix the car seat for me, though we aren’t sure what needed fixing.  I try to tell him that it’s for his brother and he tells me that his car seat is in the silver car.  So maybe he is understanding that there’s a baby coming?  But either way, there’s no way he knows what’s about to happen to his world when he has to share mom.  He’s a huuuuuugggeee Mama’s boy right now.  Dad isn’t even allowed to give him hugs or pick him up.  Soak it up kid, you’re not going to have a choice in a few short weeks.

I went to the doctor this week and was told I’ve only gained 14 pounds so far.  She seemed really pleased with that and told me that I could keep doing what I’m doing.  I didn’t want to tell her that what I’ve been doing is eating skittles from Costco, ice cream cones by the box, and giving into every single pregnancy craving that I’ve had.  Lucas has really appreciated my pregnancy cravings because Mom always shares… Maybe that’s why he’s such a Mama’s boy right now?  My c section gets scheduled in a few weeks and that’s when I start going to the doctor every other week.  I CANNOT believe that I’m already at this point in the pregnancy.  I mean, I just announced that we’re expecting to the world and here I am telling you that I’m about to round third base.

In other related news, this is how I feel about pregnancy:


22 Weeks

Poor second baby.  I call this post 22 weeks, but I’m nearly a week late.  Let’s use our imagination, shall we?



Baby is:

  • 22 weeks.  Websites vary on the estimated size of the 3rd boy in my life (!!) so I listed them in the photo and then took some liberties with the estimations myself.  Doesn’t a foot long sub sound like something that I need to shove in my face the second I’m done posting this?  I honestly think so, too.
  • Kicking.  He’s made the transitions through “I can’t wait for the baby to kick.” to “Ooo, how cool is this?!” to “Please stop kicking me in the ribs.”
  • Getting taste buds and nerve endings.  I suppose those are important senses.

I am:

  • A whale.  I’m pretty sure that my pants stopped fitting roughly 20 minutes after I peed on that damn test.  They say that you show faster the second time and I’m here to tell you that that is, in fact, true.  It’s like this ball of cells started to split and my body was all like “HELL YEAH!! I remember this!!” and instantly took on the figure of my 9 month pregnant self.  I may be exaggerating,  but the feeling is real.

Oh, the memories:

  • Pregnancy insomnia.  I thought I was lucking out with this one and still able to sleep through most nights without bathroom breaks.  But last night I woke up at 2am and have been awake ever since.  I’m so tired.
  • Awesome finger nails.  I bit them all off out of boredom this morning while watching infomercials, but you’re going to have to trust me that they were there until then.
  • The need to nest.  We’ve already ordered the crib and dresser and I’m making Angel drive a Uhaul to Grand Rapids tomorrow to pick it up because OHMYGOD if I don’t have a crib set up immediately than it will never get done.  I think Angel appreciates this phase of pregnancy the best because his To Do list blows up and my nagging is on threat level extreme.  He’s so lucky to have me.

What the hell:

  • Acid reflux.  I remember it very clearly, but not until third trimester and I’m still a few weeks away from there and I’m already through my first bottle of Tums.  Insider trading tip: invest in Tums.  I know what’s coming.
  • I itch.  Like crazy.  I’m a walking ball of oily hormones and I want to scratch my skin off.
  • Cravings.  If it’s sugar, I want it.  Last month I came home from Costco with a box of 36 bags of skittles, at which point Angel deemed me unfit to go to Costco unsupervised.

I suppose this is the best time to tell you how this  little adventure began.  We were in San Diego for my best friend’s wedding and I suspected that my alcohol consumption was about to be hindered so I took a pregnancy test before heading to the rehearsal but then totally forgot about it (poor second baby.  I forgot about him before I knew about him).  So when I came back later to see a faint second line, I was the person who wasn’t sure if it was real or because it had been sitting there all morning.  To eliminate the confusion we stopped at the store on our way to the venue for digital tests.  I had just chugged a bunch of water since I was running around so it came back “-NO” and I cautiously enjoyed adult beverages for the weekend.  The morning after the wedding Lucas woke me up on east coast time so while I was half asleep watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and packing to drive up to Disneyland I took the second digital test and did a double take when it said “+YES”.  So I woke up Angel with my pee (true love), and he looked at Lucas and said “You have 9 months to get out of diapers.” and now here we are, 22 weeks into it.

Keeping pregnancy a secret through first trimester is like trying to function normally with the flu that you can’t tell anyone you have. Pair that with holiday parties and I looked like a total alcoholic to my friends here.  I kept saying that I wasn’t drinking because I was so hung over from the night before which explained the look on my face, running to the bathroom, and volunteering to be DD.  No friends, I wasn’t really hung over every day of December.  That would have been more fun.

Hormones, y’all.  When they woke me up at 2am to go to the bathroom and then watch infomercials, around 4am I found myself crying into a jar of pickles.

Over watching Toy Story.

I’m so pregnant.


IMG_1364 IMG_1370 IMG_1379 IMG_1391

A New Year

Hi again. Forget about me? I sure feel like some days I’ve forgotten about myself, but as long as everyone gets fed and to bed in clean pajamas I’ll consider most days a success.

We’ve been doing so much up in the mitten that I don’t even know where to start. This fall we did a lot (A LOT) of traveling. Nothing reminds me how much I dislike living in a grey, cold, snow like visiting somewhere that requires sunglasses instead of boots.

In September we drove to Niagara Falls in Canada (aye) with our friends and their kids.  Once you see the giant hole in the ground and take a few pictures there’s not much to do so we spent the rest of the weekend at the local vineyards because when in Canada, do as the Canadians do, aye?




In October, we took our adorable munchkin to New York City for my first trip to the Big Apple.  I was a ball of excitement and smiles because I hear so much about New York but never had the opportunity to go so when Angel’s Aunt and Uncle offered to take us I didn’t even have to think- YES YES YES!  I love my husband, kid, and dog, but if I went to NYC for the first time before I had them all I probably would have tried to move there.  Love that city but it is NOT conducive to strollers and toddlers who don’t understand that they can’t cross the street yet and you can’t carry them 80 blocks.  What an awesome way to spend our 4th wedding anniversary, though!




About a week after we got home from the East Coast, we decided to make sure that the Pacific Coast was still there.  So we up and went to San Diego for my best friend’s wedding!  I was the Maid of Honor and Lucas was the ring bearer and it was so much fun.  We stayed in a condo on the beach in Carlsbad and got to enjoy coffee on the porch in the sun and dip our toes into the ocean and put Lucas in shorts and remember all of the reasons why I really belong on the West Coast.  Angel had to walk down the side of the aisle with Lucas carrying a bag of M&Ms, feeding them to Lucas so he would walk down without freaking out.  I’m not sure he saw anything other than the candy that Daddy was carrying, which was perfect.  Erica got married on a beautiful golf course looking over the ocean and I was able to keep myself together ALL weekend leading up to it and all of the events and ceremony so that I could make sure she did what she needed to with a fluffed dress for photos and all.  Then naturally, as the DJ gave me the mic at the reception to give my speech I instantly started crying and couldn’t remember a single word of my memorized speech.  All I could think of was Wedding Crashers and the guys in there betting on the Maid of Honor crying for her speech.  Well, I totally did but all that I can say about it is that it all was genuine.

unnamed (1)







This brings us to 2 days before our favorite Little Man’s second birthday.  And what do you give a kid when you’re in Southern California and he looooves Mickey Mouse?  Yeah, it was a tough one for us to figure out, too.  Luckily, it looks like we were able to guess correctly when we picked a trip to Disneyland:



Yeah, in that photo we’re waiting in line to get in and he’s that excited.  We’ll go ahead and accept our award for Parents of the Year now.

So we spent 2 days at Disneyland and California Adventure, including Lucas’ 2nd Birthday.  What an awesome thing to be able to do for your kid, seriously.  I’m not sure who had more fun.









For Christmas we spent 2 weeks in Colorado with my parents.  It was a long drive there and back, but it was nice to be able to see that sun and snow actually can coexist.  Who would have guessed?  Lucas got the hang of opening presents and still tells me that “Santa’s coming” so I think he sort of understood the concept this year.  He was excited to see Nana and Paws and meet his cousin “Witty” (William).  If it wasn’t for a bout of croup on Christmas Eve, it would have been the perfect trip.  But then what’s a family holiday without a trip to Urgent Care?  All in a day’s work.

Now we’re home for the next few weeks before another trip to the Caribbean.  Best way to spend the winter is not here, I always say.

On to another year for the Rivas Family!



Stop! Family Time!

I can’t believe that one short day after I vowed to keep up my blog I missed. But I swear to the internet that I posted yesterday in my head. Unfortunately, it looks like none of that actually made it to the WordPress app. My brain apologizes.

Happy Day 52:

I finished crafting my mantle. Disregard the wall color, soooo not my choice and clearly doesn’t match any decor in our house. Mmm…. Pea soup.

Happy Day 53:
A family selfie from the beach of Traverse City at sunset. Not pictured is Molly in my lap. We all made it up here and look forward to some awesome family time this weekend thanks to the surprise of my awesome husband for booking the hotel this weekend and planning our Michigan Wine Country getaway!


Enjoy your families this weekend everyone! And don’t forget to call your moms and dads and tell them sorry for throwing a fit when they took you to dinner on vacation. They swear, they thought you liked chicken.

46, 47, 48- Oh My!

Sorry I haven’t posted the last few days, my toddler has had a raging case of toddler…





For Day 46: p


We got Lucas a water table and he L.O.V.E.S. It!

Day 47: crafts



That raging case of toddler that I mentioned? It’s not just limited to the dinner table.


There’s no crying in Hobby Lobby!

And day 48: this dude just cracks me up. In this photo, he’s as close to the TV as possible watching Mickey Mouse with his hand so far down his diaper that it’s coming off. He walked around the room to play after this with some serious plumbers crack while I just laughed and laughed. Boys- it’s nature.


Cheers! It’s finally summer in the Midwest



Reunited, And It Feels So Good

Molly got some good news at the vet today, just a bunch of things to keep an eye on and some possible surgeries in her future.  As it turns out, no woman is immune to the effects of age… Poor baby.  But as it is, she’s going to live to see another day because the lumps (plural) all seem benign so far.  It’s good for so many reasons, but the biggest is that she’s become such a part of the family.  My kids are like two peas in a pod and it makes me so happy.

The Happiness Project

I’m 41 days into my “100 Happy Days” spin-off project and I’m happy (pun intended) to report that it’s working.  I’m less bitter, smiling more, and getting my sense of humor back.  Conveniently, this is just in time for the “Terrible Two’s” to strike the Rivas household…. with gusto.

I’m not going to publicly shame my kid but I will say that he doesn’t share this sentiment.  His favorite word is “nonononononono” while shaking his head and if it’s something he has to do like be put into a shopping cart or get his finger out of the plug it’s “NOOOOOO” in the loudest screech possible by questionably human toddlers.  His favorite move is the back twist to get away from you picking him up and then he immediately throws himself on the ground and cries and thrashes like I’m trying to hit him with a baseball bat and he needs to get away from me.  I tell you this all because I want to warn anyone who may cross paths with me anywhere that I’m really not chasing my toddler down with a baseball bat or leaving him in the donation pile at Goodwill, I’m just doing my best to raise a polite member of society so please watch your feet because he’s likely throwing a fit on the floor in the process of this quest.  His favorite places to throw fits:

1. The grocery store.  No, you may not play with the chili seasoning, the milk must stay in the cart, that wine bottle is not for you.

2. The parking lot.  I’m not going to take your sippy cup away from you, it is necessary for you to be in the car seat, I don’t have a ball that you can play with.

3. In the rain. I can’t stop the rain from hitting your head, nonono don’t throw a fit- ….on the wet ground.

4. On playdates.  Can you hurry this one up, sweetie?  Mommy has to run to the grocery store to get rice and I would really appreciate if you save it for the onlookers there.


For all of you judgmental folks who are giving me looks like I need to peel my kid off of the grocery store floor because this is more my fault than his or all of you readers who have never had a toddler and are sitting there thinking “my kid would never do that.”  Let me set the record straight: Yes, yes they will.  But I promise to not give you the same looks that you’re giving me.  I’ll instead mask my disgust with your toddler by looking at my well behaved child and saying “Oh, I’m so lucky that you never did that!”


This is why mom’s drink.


Anyway, I’m a few days behind on my happiness posts.  Yesterday it was our Special Wednesday (which was a trip to Barnes and Noble to play with Legos because it was cold and rainy):

photo 1


And today it was just having fun at the dinner table making this ball of joy giggle.  Lucas will never have a better Mom than me (even when I let him throw his fits in public).

photo 2

photo 3

37 Days of Happy

Mother’s Day with my boys! I got out of bed at 11, Angel got me takeout for lunch, washed my car, and then we went on a long bike ride to the Celery Flats. My house is a mess and I don’t even care. Mom had a day off.

Like I told Angel yesterday, I don’t care if you have to change diapers on the front lawn, I don’t want to see a dirty diaper. He delivered!




Happiness Unplugged

I left the house all afternoon without my phone, this should prove to you when I say that I’ve been a little “unplugged” lately. I’ve read 2 kindle books, taken my kiddo to lunch and get cupcakes, and done some sewing, all without my phone. I was so used to not checking things that going to bed last night I knew I had something going on today but for the life of me I couldn’t remember what and was just waiting for the “where are you?!” Phone call. It came. Twice.

So anyway, on Saturday, we went to Livonia (a suburb of Detroit). We went to the state’s nicest mall and walked around for a while, took my computer to the Microsoft store (read: “teach me how to use this. Don’t judge me.”) and then went to a fun dinner before heading over to Angel’s college friend’s house for a party. It was all so much fun!


On Sunday, we came home and did nothing. Yep, nothing. I let the dishes pile up, we had leftovers, and we all hung out in the family room while I read on my kindle until it died and then I read on my kindle app on the phone. I didn’t take any photos because no one showered or got dressed. You’re welcome.

Yesterday I made tacos for cinco de mayo, finally cleaned my kitchen, and finished my kindle book. We also tried (and failed) at our first attempt to put Lucas in a toddler bed. You win this round, kid.

I took Lucas to the store after the world’s worst toddler nap to pick up stuff for tacos. The only way he would stay calm was if he sat in the basket of the cart and played with the can of beans and the box of rice. Pick your battles.


Today, I took Lucas to lunch downtown Kalamazoo with Heather and her daughter. Then we got awesome cupcakes and I went home because I had pushed nap time by about 2 hours at this point. On my way home to put Lucas to bed he fell asleep in the car. To anyone with a toddler who wakes up the instant that you move him and never goes back to sleep and then melts down and screams all evening: take my lead. Roll the window down, grab a folding chair and beer, and tailgate nap time