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Days 21 and 22

I was having too much fun enjoying myself yesterday to stop and blog. So here’s yesterday’s happy thing(s): a new haircut and another Special Wednesday with my 20 pound boyfriend at the children’s museum.





And for today’s happy thing, I just found this online and love it. It’s a really quick read by a humor mommy blogger as an answer to someone’s rather rude post to her regarding her body: A Letter To Anyone Unhappy With Their Body

It never hurts to have a reminder that we’re awesome just the way that we are.

Smile on, friends.

A Different Perspective

I’m 12 days into my 100 Happy Days and I have to say, I do feel better already.  Maybe it’s that the sun has finally decided to come out of hibernation, but I’m not going to be picky.  It serves it purpose because I’m spending most of my day looking for happy things that I can post about and trying to decide what happy thing I want to post about.  Even more importantly, it’s getting harder to decide which thing I want to write about.  So take that, winter blues.

But seriously though, winter can kiss the fattest part of my ass.

For day 12, I’ve decided that it’s going to be a new Monday tradition to take Lucas to see Daddy for lunch.  When we moved here I had all of these lofty plans about “we can come see you at lunch all of the time” and then when I have a screaming toddler, feet of snow, and reruns of Sex and the City on TV, I suddenly don’t have the desire to shower.  Much like finding my happiness in the next 100 days, I’m forcing myself to do things differently.  So Day 12, lunch with Daddy:

Lucas is running around on the floor at his feet

Lucas is running around on the floor at his feet

My champion sleeping toddler has been replaced with his evil twin Screw-Up-The-Schedule-Lucas.  This less desirable version of toddler has been waking up at 5am to talk to himself, going to sleep at 11pm, throwing fits out of exhaustion in the grocery store, and really giving his mommy a run for her money.  Is it appropriate to replace coffee in my mug with chardonnay and take him to the park?

photo 2

Some days my nerves survive on his cuteness alone.

Happy Brithday To My Little Man!

Today is extra special because you turn ONE,
We’ll eat cake and ice cream and have lots of fun


It seems like just yesterday that you were brand new,


And now there are so many things you can do!


We’ll light your first candle and make a big fuss,
To be sure that you know you are precious to us!


Today’s extra special because you turn ONE!


And the best part of all: your life’s just begun!


Happy birthday, Lucas!! Mommy, Daddy, and so many of your family and friends love you so much. I don’t know what we ever did without you.

100% Success Rate

If you don’t know the story, our wedding is one for the books.

From our friend getting ordained online to Angel calling me fat in my wedding dress: the day was awesome.

At a Mexican restaurant we were talking about our gripes finding a minister to marry us and a few margaritas later a good friend of ours says that it’s on her bucket list to get ordained and marry someone.  We tell her “great!” And the next morning have an email from her saying that the state of Arizona considers it legal if we’re really interested.  I’m aware that my family had their reservations about it, but at the end of the day I would rather someone I know standing up there with us and saying our vows with us.  And you know what?  It was perfect.  It’s also on her Google calendar once a year to email us a reminder that she has a “100% success rate” with marriages and not to screw up her stats.

Best officiant ever.

Best officiant ever.  This is also the friend who we visit constantly in Chicago with their 18 month old (and baby number 2 on the way!!)

And this leads me into the point of this post: I’ve spent exactly 3 years of y life legally attached at the hip to this guy:

How cute is he?!

How cute is he?!

There are so many fun memories that I have from our wedding day.  From my adorable groom-to-be breaking his jaw 2 weeks before our wedding, to my maid of honor knocking on my hotel room door the morning of the wedding with a bottle of champagne and a bottle of Pepto Bismol and saying “One way or another, I’m getting you down that aisle!”


MOH mission: Make sure that everyone signs the papers to make this marriage legal


And perhaps hold my dress while I pee:


But my favorite memories of all are these:

While preparing for my wedding I was looking for my “something borrowed” and my “something old.”  I went to my Grandpa’s house:

Rest in Peace.  I'm so happy that you got to share in my memories of this day.

Rest in Peace. I’m so happy that you got to share in my memories of this day.

To look for a photo of my grandma and I to put in a frame as a memorial at our wedding.  He pointed me in the direction of the photo albums and set me loose.  About an hour of tears and searching later, I found what I was looking for and went downstairs.  I can’t say what made me go back up later in the evening, but I did for some reason and went to the other side of the room that my grandpa hadn’t pointed to and pulled out an unmarked box (first thing I went to in that bookshelf).  Inside of it was an album with a letter from my grandma about a “hankie” that has been carried by woman  in the family on their wedding day and how it was her wish that the tradition continue as the family grew.  After the letter was the “hankie” followed by pages and pages of wedding photos of women who have carried it.  And of the women in the book, no one remembered (Lori, you were one of them!).  I was shocked.  And speechless.  After I was able to compose myself, I showed it to my mom and then took it downstairs to my grandpa.  I had it opened to the letter and I said to him “Is this something that I can do?”  He read the letter and with tears in his eyes and a big smile on is face he told me: “Yes.  But on one condition: you add your photo to the book.  Your grandmother would have remembered to give it to you.”  Well, Papa, she still did.  Because for some reason I was drawn to that book in that box on that shelf in that corner of that room long after I found what I had been looking for.  I was pretty torn up that my grandma was missing my wedding and 2 days before “I do” I was walking out of work and a white butterfly stopped me in my tracks and landed on my shoulder. (I know I sound crazy for all that comes next)  The butterfly then flew circles around me and disappeared.  I’m not even kidding.  Not like it flew away, it vanished.  I immediately smiled and knew it was my grandma.  I just knew.

On my wedding day I carried her hankie with pride:


And my Maid of Honor’s duties were fulfilled.  I made it down the aisle:


wed-1990And here’s where the best memory comes in.  After my dad handed me off and Angel and I were walking up to the aisle, he leans over and whispers in my ear with a big smile on his face: “Um… That dress makes you look really fat.”

Before you go and hunt down my husband with torches, allow me a moment for a back story.  At our rehearsal I was getting emotional and I told Angel: “If I’m crying or look like I’m about to cry when I get down the aisle you’re not allowed to say anything nice to me because that’s going to make it worse.” He said “oookkkay?” with a laugh and I told him “Say something like ‘That dress makes you look fat'” so I stop crying.  And between the rehearsal and going down the aisle we didn’t see each other or talk.  So when we’re all lined up and one by one I see my closest friends leave me I’m holding myself together.  My dad asks if I need a Kleenex and I say “no, why?” and look at him and he’s crying with a tissue in his hand.  I loose it.  And then our wedding planner says “It always hits you when you’re right here.  Okay, go!” and pushes us along.  We’re walking down the aisle and I’m crying and laughing and my nose is running and I’m a hot mess version of myself when I reach this waiting for me

wed-1891And in the perfect moment when no one else can hear us, Angel leans over and says to me with a giant smile on his face: “Um… That dress makes you look really fat.”


And that was it.  We both laughed and giggled through our whole ceremony.  A few people asked why we were laughing and we told them, but most people probably thought that we were just giggling 12 year-olds at the alter; and we kind of were.

But our amazing officiant did her job flawlessly (my husband, on the other hand, screwed up his vows but I don’t think anyone else noticed besides Laura… including me) and we were married!


Let the party begin!

wed-2446And “begin” it has!  In 3 years we have bought a house, moved, miscarried, had a baby, moved across the country, and it’s been a “party” for the majority of our 1,096 days that we have woken up next to each other.  I can’t imagine anyone else telling me that my wedding dress made me look fat and me not wanting to punch them for it.

wed-2616Happy Anniversary!!


My poor sidekick hasn’t gotten a break on the teething front.  It’s been one right after the other and his stupid teeth spent some time going up and down (and up and down, and up and down, and I think you get the idea) looking for the most annoying way to make their final appearance.  So I’ve spent the better part of 2 weeks keeping my son high as a kite on baby Tylenol and Oragel.  Right when the teething stopped, we lost a nap and spent a week learning how to live on a 2 nap schedule, which Lucas has decided is just as annoying as his teeth.  I think he’s done giving me a teeny, tiny middle finger every nap time and he’s back to slobbering like a rabid dog.  So one can conclude that angering Mommy is his entertainment every day, or a third tooth is on its way in that teeny, tiny mouth of his.

In the midst of this teething fest, we took Lucas to the beach and into the lake.  It was soooo much fun, but unfortunately was extremely windy so the sand became little death pellets that I had to shield Lucas from.  Other then that, he loved the water and Daddy was laughing with him in the waves, which melts my little Mommy heart.  You know what else melts my heart?  This face and those sunglasses!


I miss the days that Lucas was in a car seat and would just sleep when we took him to dinner with us.  Those days are quickly becoming a faint memory.  If I leave him in his car seat now he flips out on me and when he’s in a high chair or cart that really only lasts about 30 seconds before he wants to be held or to eat or to be entertained.  It really makes things more difficult and our restaurant choices down to just loud bars with high chairs (see: Buffalo Wild Wings).  I used to take him to dinner, set him on a seat, and never hear a peep out of him thinking that I didn’t understand why all of these parents said it was so hard to go out with children.  And then Lucas learned how to scream and I started carrying around a plethora of toys in my diaper bag and cringing at the thought of being in quiet places.


On Friday night Angel’s coworker offered to babysit Lucas for the night and who are we to pass up some free babysitting?  May God strike down anyone who passes up free babysitting.  So Angel took me to dinner a movie.  Last time we went on a real date like that, I had Lucas 9 months later.  After Despicable Me 2 and some sushi rolls, we went to Target to get baby formula and wine and rolled our eyes at the parents who’s children were throwing a fit in the toy aisle.  Haha, suckers.

We’re in the land of solid foods.  He wants to eat the peaches right out of our hands



Watermelon, avocado, ground turkey- he’s on it.  And I imagine that I’ll stop worrying about him choking on his food 6 years from never.  It’s best to feed him while totally naked and right before bath time on a tile floor.  Little man is meeeeeeessssssssssy!!

He probably got 2 of these into his mouth.  3 max.

He probably got 2 of these into his mouth. 3 max.


Last night Angel went to the Taste of Kalamazoo with some old college friends, and since I have a 13 pound sidekick with an 8:30 bedtime I agreed to stay home and implement an 8:30 bedtime for Momma.  I’m not sure when my fear of the night developed because I spent years living alone, but somewhere along the way I started freaking out when the sun goes down.  There’s no way that sound coming from the freezer is the ice maker.  It’s someone who froze ice cubes in their own freezer, broke into my house, and went to fill my ice maker before he comes upstairs to KILL ME.  Clearly. And I don’t believe in ghosts but when the sun goes down I’m a little bit more open minded.

And in my blogging hiatus, my little dude turned 8 months old.  High five for successfully keeping him happy and healthy for 8 months!  (I’ve pretty much given up on monthly photos at this point because this is all I get)

IMG_1878 IMG_1865

At one point, my little man threw a 20 minute fit because I put clothes on him, thinking that it was too cold to let him keep playing in just a diaper.  He totally disagreed, and was crawling all over the floor screaming, crying, and throwing himself on the ground.  I was holding out to let him finish because really, who’s the adult here?  But you can’t win them all, so I gave up and took his clothes back off and he instantly got quiet and started smiling.  Yeah, well, don’t get used to this.  You won’t always get your way



I can’t complain though.  My little sidekick is happy and healthy and absolutely adorable

IMG_1910 IMG_1899


I may be biased.


Who Needs A Clean House, Anyway?

Instead of doing laundry, cleaning, washing dishes, running errands, or anything else that needs to be done from the last two weeks of neglect, I’ve decided to spend some more me time doing what I want instead.

I finally put together Lucas’ shadow box and hung it on his nursery wall:



Then, I made some mugs to send one to Erica:



Embroidered a new burp cloth for Lucas:



And I did all of this instead of putting away mounds of laundry or cleaning up the mess in the room formerly known as my family room:


Super Mom

“There will be so many times when you feel like you’ve failed. But in the eyes, heart, and mind of your child you are Super Mom.” -Stephanie Precourt


I was laying on the floor while Lucas played and he scooted over to me, put his hand on my arm, and then put his head down and fell asleep. I must be doing something right. ❤