I read an article this week about how it takes balls to go in public with young kids (Read it here). For the last few days it’s really stuck with me that it’s so true. 

Tonight Angel had a work dinner so the boys and I were solo. He came with us before he left, and it was all fine and dandy until he got up. Once he left to go to his thing, it’s like the boys sensed that one of the wheels was gone from the bus: one started banging a pit against the table as hard as he could and the other spilled an entire glass of water at a rate that would make scientists grab a calculator. Doesn’t matter who did what, because that’s the point here: it’s a crap shoot.  Now I have one kid crying and screaming because of the mess and the other screaming and making as much noise as he can and I’m trying to wipe water off of my diaper bag and ask for the check. Being a parent takes so much more patience than I ever thought possible. 

And some day I’m going to look back on this and I’m going to miss it. I’m going to miss the day that my kid’s tears could be solved by a hug. I’m going to miss that he wakes up in the middle of the night wanting to see me. I’m going to miss when he thinks I’m his best friend. 

I’m not going to miss the stares, comments, and judgements just for having kids. I’m annoyed that you think my stroller is too big, I’m over hearing that I look “too young to be a mom” and I can’t stand the my kid would never do that judgement. Your kid doesn’t watch tv? Slow clap. Some days that’s the only way anything gets done. Oh, your kid only eats organic? Mine has something in his mouth from the floor right now

Let’s just leave parents alone. Raising kids not to be the jerk some of you are is a lot of work and it takes balls to leave the house and face your criticism some days. 

Childhood is too short, and we need to celebrate the chaos for as long as we can

In other news, here’s what we’ve been up to down under:

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