36 Weeks


Photo bomber in this week’s picture

Baby is:

  • 36 Weeks
  • Comfortable with his foot directly into my rib, apparently.

I am:

  • Not comfortable with his foot directly in my rib.  In my opinion, he needs to remove it by birth or other means necessary and he needs to do it now.
  • Feeling a bit like a prisoner doing time who was just given their parole date and is still hoping for a last minute pardon.

Oh, the memories:

  • It was confirmed at the doctor this week that he has, in fact, dropped.  She even commented that she was surprised that he was that low this early.  In my head, I heard “He’s coming early” but her exact words probably included more medical language.


  • The paranoia over baby movements.  I never had this with Lucas (though it turned out that I should have), but these last few weeks of pregnancy are being spent a lot like the first few were: Is this normal? Does that mean anything?  Should I call the doctor?  Nature is cruel.

And there I’ve gone and missed another week in my pregnancy updates.  Second baby syndrome is a real thing (poor guy).  Here are some pictures that we had taken at 35 weeks though:



11709771_10105213311244371_5404790038328453931_nI wasn’t planning on taking maternity photos, but at the 11th hour (almost literally), I suddenly had the urge to document the pregnancy because we may be done after this.  If I knew I was going to want to take photos, I probably would have done it before my face started swelling up like a blow fish, but hey: that’s part of documenting why this is probably it for us. Not that hormonal tears aren’t fun for everyone.

That’s all I have for this update.  I think there was more but the combination of pregnancy brain just was met by stupid neighbors who are lighting off fireworks at 10pm and just woke my son up in sheer panic.

I leave you with these final thoughts this week and I wish you all a happy and safe July 4th holiday:



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