33 and 34 Weeks


Baby is:

  • 34 Weeks
  • Just packing on pure baby chub at this point and perfecting his lungs.  You know, for all of the screaming and crying that he’s going to be doing

I am:

  • Tired.  If I don’t nap in the afternoon, I’m a pure bitch.  There’s no way to sugar coat that.
  • Waddling now.  I couldn’t walk straight if I wanted to.
  • Peeing every 2 minutes.  I’m like a dog marking my territory in the most annoying way possible.
  • Pretty sure that the baby is dropping or has dropped with these last 2 symptoms.

Oh, the memories:

  • It’s all coming back to me how hard it is to function.  It’s hard to get in and out of cars, up and down from the couch, on and off of chairs, and in and out of bed.  Readers, think of me fondly next time you pop off of the couch and grab a glass of water from the kitchen.  I’m like a sloth…. who makes a lot of grunting noises.


  • So with Lucas ignorance was bliss.  I didn’t realize that his movements went down and I should be concerned and after his delivery and fact that he was so tangled in his cord I’m now terrified that it’s going to happen again.  I haven’t felt the baby really wack me in the last 10 minutes, should I be worried about this?  Maybe I should call the doctor to check.  Oh, there he is.  But is that enough movement?  How long between movements was that?  They don’t seem as strong as I thought they were, maybe I should go get checked out?  All.  Day.  Long.  If he’s not moving, I’m freaking out why and when he is moving I’m freaking out if it’s enough.  I can’t wait until this kid is here already so I can obsess over him in person while ignoring him at the same time (because isn’t that what you do to a second child?).

I’ve been slacking, I get it.  I’m writing about 34 weeks, even though I’m 35 already.  Just pretend that this was about 5 days ago.

I also missed week 33:


That’s right, week 33 was partially spent on Mackinac Island.  It’s a tiny, historic island between lower Michigan and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (the bridge between the two is in the background of my photo).  The cool thing about this place is that you have to take a ferry, and there aren’t any cars on the island.  We’ve been meaning to go since we moved to Michigan and the reality of needing to go before there were 4 of us was sinking in, so we went.  I was excited, but also secretly terrified that something was going to happen while I was a walk, boat, and 4 hour car ride away from my doctor and hospital.  Yep, probably risky at 33 weeks and that’s why I never asked my doctor for permission.  It all worked out and was soooo  much fun but I was swelling up and hurting pretty bad by the time we got home.  It was a lot of walking this late in the game and there were some things that I just wasn’t able to do, which really made me sad.  There’s a fort at the top of the hill on the island that we wanted to go through and I just couldn’t bring myself to admit that it was out of my reach, but we never got to go because I “wasn’t feeling well” which was as close as I could come.  It was a tough pill to swallow to try to do something and see something that would normally be no big deal and struggle and not be able to do it.  I hate asking for help for things that I should be able to do, and I hate making people not do something they want to because I can’t.  While I had a blast on the island and I’m thrilled that we went, it was in the back of my mind that I felt like I was holding everyone back.  So we’re going to have to return so that we can scale that hill and fort and go check out some of the historic hotels.

Now on to 34 weeks.

This week included Father’s Day.  What a better way to celebrate Angel then by getting ready to welcome another little boy into our family?  And because Angel is such an awesome dad, you know how he wanted to celebrate? He took us out to a nice brunch, and then took Lucas to go get a new truck toy.  It was so adorable and selfless that I wanted to cry hormonal tears into my Tums bottle.

Once you have kids, your words come back to bite you.  I’ve been working hard on “please” and “thank you” with Lucas.  I know he’s understanding it because not only is he using it (correctly), but today he told me “say ‘thank you, Lucas'” when he got my shoes for me.  Touche, you pint sized component.  My mom and I were laughing about it and she reminded me that it never ends and used the snippit that I posted on Father’s Day as an example (that wisdom came from her).  Here’s another piece of proof that your daughter hears what you say, mom: My kid is really starting to get a personality and be a mini me.  It’s never too late to decide what kind of Mom that I want to be and I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately.  Here’s what I’ve come up with: I don’t want to be a cool Mom.  I’m not going to be a friend to my kids.  My kids are going to have a life time of opportunities to make friends but I am the only mom they have the chance to have.  They don’t need a friend, they need a Mom.  I want them to know that my “yes” means “yes” and my “no” means “no” and I’m well on my way when my 2 year old is pointing out to me that I asked him for a favor and never said “thank you.”  The rules apply to Mom as well.

There’s my verbal vomit for 33 and 34 weeks.  Stay tuned for week 35, which should be coming any day now.


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