Moment To Brag

Since not everyone is on facebook, allow me a moment to brag about the men in my life who I’ve either picked or made, and who I get to share my life with.  We just got our amazing photos back from when Joshua was just a week old.  Enjoy!

Joshua_Newborn-1 Joshua_Newborn-2 Joshua_Newborn-3 Joshua_Newborn-4 Joshua_Newborn-5 Joshua_Newborn-6 Joshua_Newborn-7 Joshua_Newborn-8 Joshua_newborn-9 Joshua_newborn-10 Joshua_Newborn-11 Joshua_Newborn-12 Joshua_Newborn-13 Joshua_Newborn-14 Joshua_Newborn-15 Joshua_newborn-16 Joshua_Newborn-17 Joshua_Newborn-18 Joshua_Newborn-19 Joshua_Newborn-20 Joshua_Newborn-21 Joshua_Newborn-22

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