23 Weeks



Baby is:

  • 23 weeks and about the size of a large mango.  Personally, every mango I’ve seen is about the same size and I would like to think he’s a little bit bigger than that to account for the big belly.  Maybe he can be the size of a grapefruit.
  • Likely just over 1 pound, but I suppose that’s for a mom who’s first son didn’t tip the scales at a small 6.0 pounds.  If he’s only one pound, how do we account for the rest of this?
  • A little more in proportion and looks more like a real baby and a little less like a giant head with legs.

I am:

  • Freaking out a bit.  I’m well aware that I’m pregnant but the fact that I’m pregnant is just starting to hit me.  There’s a baby in there.  He’s coming this summer.  OHMYGOD he’s coming this summer.
  • Nesting.  I feel a strong need to take the crib boxes out of the corner of the room and demand Angel to set to work.  I’ve also been cleaning out every closet in the house, donating stuff to Goodwill, and I think I see fingerprints on the window that need to be cleaned right this second.

Oh, the memories:

  • I just grunted getting off of the couch to clean those fingerprints off
  • Slip on shoes are my friend.  Perhaps ones that cover my chipped toenail polish.  I would like to change either of these things, but in a week or two I’m not going to be able to see them anymore anyway.  Out of sight, out of mind.
  • Wait, what did I just say?  I forget.  Wait, what did I just say? I forget.  I already said that? I honestly don’t remember.

What the hell:

  • All I can think of that would fit into this category right now is the fact that I just got home from the grocery store and forgot to get ice cream.  Honest, it’s all I can think about right now.

Not to be outdone this week by his younger brother, I woke Lucas up the other morning and the very first thing he said to me is “Mama’s pretty!”  I almost cried.  Can a mom have favorites?  Lucas certainly thinks so. 

This week I’ve started my two prenatal classes.  Home girl is over here on track to gain 600 pounds this pregnancy, so Angel supported me to sign up for a water aerobics and a yoga class.  Have you ever seen a pool full of pregnant ladies swimming with pool noddles?  It’s a sight because none of us can move on dry land, let alone in a pool.  I loved it.  So glad that I found something to get me off of the couch and moving that’s safe. 

Today is the first sunny day in the 60’s so to celebrate the (hopeful) end of winter I busted an old Taste of Home magazine out of the pantry from last summer and am making dinners out of it this week. Tonight we are grilling steaks with a pasta salad and tomorrow we’re doing BBQ chicken sliders. Warm is a state of mind when you’re living in Michigan because it is always cold. Always. I’ll post the recipes if they’re good for anyone else who would like to mentally defrost as well. 

That’s it for pregnancy this week. Baby is still kicking, I’m still getting fat, and Angel is still taking all of my pregnancy neurosis like a champ. 23 down, 16 to go. 


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