My poor sidekick hasn’t gotten a break on the teething front.  It’s been one right after the other and his stupid teeth spent some time going up and down (and up and down, and up and down, and I think you get the idea) looking for the most annoying way to make their final appearance.  So I’ve spent the better part of 2 weeks keeping my son high as a kite on baby Tylenol and Oragel.  Right when the teething stopped, we lost a nap and spent a week learning how to live on a 2 nap schedule, which Lucas has decided is just as annoying as his teeth.  I think he’s done giving me a teeny, tiny middle finger every nap time and he’s back to slobbering like a rabid dog.  So one can conclude that angering Mommy is his entertainment every day, or a third tooth is on its way in that teeny, tiny mouth of his.

In the midst of this teething fest, we took Lucas to the beach and into the lake.  It was soooo much fun, but unfortunately was extremely windy so the sand became little death pellets that I had to shield Lucas from.  Other then that, he loved the water and Daddy was laughing with him in the waves, which melts my little Mommy heart.  You know what else melts my heart?  This face and those sunglasses!


I miss the days that Lucas was in a car seat and would just sleep when we took him to dinner with us.  Those days are quickly becoming a faint memory.  If I leave him in his car seat now he flips out on me and when he’s in a high chair or cart that really only lasts about 30 seconds before he wants to be held or to eat or to be entertained.  It really makes things more difficult and our restaurant choices down to just loud bars with high chairs (see: Buffalo Wild Wings).  I used to take him to dinner, set him on a seat, and never hear a peep out of him thinking that I didn’t understand why all of these parents said it was so hard to go out with children.  And then Lucas learned how to scream and I started carrying around a plethora of toys in my diaper bag and cringing at the thought of being in quiet places.


On Friday night Angel’s coworker offered to babysit Lucas for the night and who are we to pass up some free babysitting?  May God strike down anyone who passes up free babysitting.  So Angel took me to dinner a movie.  Last time we went on a real date like that, I had Lucas 9 months later.  After Despicable Me 2 and some sushi rolls, we went to Target to get baby formula and wine and rolled our eyes at the parents who’s children were throwing a fit in the toy aisle.  Haha, suckers.

We’re in the land of solid foods.  He wants to eat the peaches right out of our hands



Watermelon, avocado, ground turkey- he’s on it.  And I imagine that I’ll stop worrying about him choking on his food 6 years from never.  It’s best to feed him while totally naked and right before bath time on a tile floor.  Little man is meeeeeeessssssssssy!!

He probably got 2 of these into his mouth.  3 max.

He probably got 2 of these into his mouth. 3 max.


Last night Angel went to the Taste of Kalamazoo with some old college friends, and since I have a 13 pound sidekick with an 8:30 bedtime I agreed to stay home and implement an 8:30 bedtime for Momma.  I’m not sure when my fear of the night developed because I spent years living alone, but somewhere along the way I started freaking out when the sun goes down.  There’s no way that sound coming from the freezer is the ice maker.  It’s someone who froze ice cubes in their own freezer, broke into my house, and went to fill my ice maker before he comes upstairs to KILL ME.  Clearly. And I don’t believe in ghosts but when the sun goes down I’m a little bit more open minded.

And in my blogging hiatus, my little dude turned 8 months old.  High five for successfully keeping him happy and healthy for 8 months!  (I’ve pretty much given up on monthly photos at this point because this is all I get)

IMG_1878 IMG_1865

At one point, my little man threw a 20 minute fit because I put clothes on him, thinking that it was too cold to let him keep playing in just a diaper.  He totally disagreed, and was crawling all over the floor screaming, crying, and throwing himself on the ground.  I was holding out to let him finish because really, who’s the adult here?  But you can’t win them all, so I gave up and took his clothes back off and he instantly got quiet and started smiling.  Yeah, well, don’t get used to this.  You won’t always get your way



I can’t complain though.  My little sidekick is happy and healthy and absolutely adorable

IMG_1910 IMG_1899


I may be biased.


2 thoughts on “Suburgatory

  1. Michelle

    Look at how big he is getting! It is clear that you may have a potential stripper on your hands; at least he will be able to support himself through college. 🙂


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