Toto, I Don’t Think We’re In Phoenix Anymore

Last night we were winding down our day a little bit late.  I was ready for bed before Lucas was but he insisted that we keep playing so I laid on the floor with him to play and quickly fell asleep.  Angel was watching from the couch and took a few photos of what happened next….

First, Lucas came over and tried to wake me up


When that didn’t work, he decided that he would just take a nap with me.  (The tiny, wet hand on my face is what actually woke me up)



We get the baby off to bed and he’s sound asleep (Finally!!  Getting back on schedule with a teething baby from a trip has been brutal) so Angel goes to the basement to watch TV, and I head upstairs to put this tired Momma to bed as well.  I’m thhhhhhhhhhhis close to falling asleep to the sound of the thunderstorm when the tornado siren starts going off.  Um, what?

5 seconds of panic trying to decide if I’m asleep and dreaming this or if it’s real before I jump out of bed, yell at the dog to get up, run to the nursery to grab the baby and start heading down the hall for the stairs all while yelling at Angel.  Which in retrospect, it’s not like there’s anything that he could do and he should probably just stay put in the basement anyway.  But whatever, he was on his way upstairs to go to bed when the siren went off.

An hour later, Lucas was wide awake, I was totally freaked out, the dog was confused, and Angel was a little annoyed at the three of us.  Needless to say, poor little man just can’t catch a break…. And thus, neither can this extremely tired Momma.


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