16 Weeks (Hey! I’m Getting Better!)

So I was 16 weeks yesterday, which makes me an Allstar for posting about it today.  I’m rewarding myself with some chocolate but considering that I’m sharing it with the baby, I’m a good mom.  See how that works?

My baby is 4.5 inches long and 3.5 ounces.  This is the size of an avocado and the weight of a chocolate Easter bunny (but not together, because eew).  Baby is also supposedly growing flesh-tearing talons (i.e. fingernails and toenails) so my kid and I are sharing that in common.  Seriously, if I could show you how amazing my nails are, you would be shocked.  I’m growing these suckers like a super hero.  Which I AM a super hero because who else can grow a tiny human from scratch except those with super hero abilities?

But all of that means nothing when I tell you that OH MY GOD I FELT MY BABY MOVE.  It’s like when you were 13 and the popular boy in math class asked you for a pencil and you told all of your friends for the rest of the day that he was clearly just looking for a reason to talk to you because who forgets to bring their pencil to math class so DUH he likes you and it’s necessary to apply another layer of makeup before you see him in the hall.  For those of you who don’t speak teenager, you may refer to the feeling as “butterflies”

Well, my baby feels like that.  Except lower and not triggered by the popular boy in math class (who got really ugly after he was released from prison, by the way).

This is all extremely exciting until my kid’s movements are less adorable and more “stop checking for structural defaults and let mommy sleep!”  But in the mean time, eeeeeee!! My baby moved!!

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