Morning Time Lapse

They say your dog takes on the personality of their owners.

I resent that.

My dog has an attitude, she doesn’t wake up in the mornings, and she has a pretty decent case of separation anxiety.  I believe that I only share….. all of these qualities.

Allow me to demonstrate via iPhone time lapse photos Molly in the morning:

7:45am: Alarm has been going off for 20 minutes. 1 person out of bed. Molly: "Don't bother me"

8:05am: Out of shower. Dog still shows no sign of movement. Molly: "Don't bother me"

8:36am: I need to leave for work. It's time for the dog to get up so I can let her out. She's not interested. Molly: "I'll pee in your closet later."

8:42am: After an hour of no movement, I force the dog to get out of bed. Molly: "You promised me cookies, bitch"

8:43am: Molly: "Get the camera out of my face until I can comb down this bed head"

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