It Starts At Home

I didn’t think about it, because in our eyes it wasn’t anything worth attention.  But let this be a lesson that tolerance and understanding starts at home. 

Back in the winter, Lucas was on t-ball with a bunch of the cutest little characters you’ve ever seen. Throughout the season one Mom and I were talking about doing basketball next and that she was interested in coaching. I told her that if she ever did to let me know and we would sign up. She did, she emailed me, we signed up. We were telling Lucas that he was going to start basketball and we asked him if he remembered the little boy (we used his name, but I’m not in this post).  Lucas did, we told him that his Mom was going to be the coach, and he was excited. He asked if his Dad was going to be there, too. 

It didn’t even phase us because it was never an “issue” in our minds. “No, sweetie. He has 2 Mommies as his parents, just like you have 1 Mommy and 1 Daddy.” Lucas just says “Oh. Why doesn’t he have a Daddy?” So I tell my sweet 4 year old: “Because every family is different. Their family has 2 Moms and yours doesn’t and that’s okay.” He just smiles and says “When does basketball start?”

Love is love.

Be the change. 

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