My Truth

I know I’ve been MIA for months, but as my last post briefly explained I was diagnosed with PPD and spent some time trying to snap out of it.  I thought about documenting it on my blog, but it sounded like too much work.  How much work is sitting on a computer and typing, right?  Welcome to the depression mind.

I often thought about taking my kids to the park down the street and here’s how that thought process went: I have to get myself and the kids dressed.  What stroller would I take?  Probably the Bob but it’s in the 3rd car garage so I need to climb in there and open the door and when I get back I’m going to have to put it away.  It’s hard to collapse.  And I need to bring some water because it’s a little warm out. You know what? This is already too much work.  I’ll do it tomorrow instead.

That’s how I felt about everything that I didn’t have to do.  I wanted to do it, but the process of actually doing it felt overwhelming so I just counted the time to nap so I could lay down myself.  And I didn’t even have a bad case of PPD but my experience with it was enough.

I’m confident now saying that I am feeling more like myself.  I’m making plans, and getting out to meet people.  I’ve lost the rest of the baby weight and feel good about the way that I look.  I’m showering every day, I’ve started sewing again, and now that it’s too hot to take my kids to the park we’re going to the splash pad tomorrow.  I still have my bad days, but they’re the exception and no longer the norm.

I had this moment of clarity, like I’ve come out of the other side of a storm, when looking at this picture.  It’s the perfect example of what’s been going on:


I’m in a swim suit, no shower, no makeup, at the beach on a rainy day.  The storm has passed (grey clouds behind us) after it just had a big downpour that was almost enough for us to pack up and leave.  Yet, the smiles are genuine and it was a great day.  Plus, let’s talk about how cute my munchkin is!

I can see clearly now, the rain is gone.

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