Baby is:

  • 38 Weeks
  • Huge
  • Enjoying the caffeine that I had for lunch.  First time in 9 months but I just could not resist the cherry coke so I had a small one and it was as amazing as I thought it would be.  Mmmmmm, cherry coke.  Besides, maybe by giving this little man some caffeine will be the final shove that he needs to break free.

I am:

  • 38 weeks
  • Huge
  • Also enjoying the caffeine that I had for lunch.

Oh, the memories:

  • I feel like a time bomb.  I waddle.  I wake up 10 times a night to pee.  The taste of Tums makes me gag.  I have morning sickness again.  All of these things are coming back to me one nauseous wave at a time.


  • Yesterday I guess I didn’t drink enough water so in the evening I was getting some serious contractions.  At first I wasn’t sure if they were real or braxton hix but after about an hour it dawned on me that I should maybe time them  because they were really getting painful.  So I sat on the couch with a GIANT glass of water and a timer and put my feet up and they started to calm down eventually.  Before they started calming down and I thought they might be real I started to panic.  PANIC.  I’m so uncomfortable, but I’m perfectly comfortable complaining about how uncomfortable I am and the thought that I need to leave Lucas for 3 days, go get surgery, and come home with another tiny human who I’m responsible for… nope!  I’m not ready but the train is approaching the station and the tracks only work in one direction.

Lucas is so excited to have a baby.  He came running up to me crying this week, hugging my belly, and telling me that he wanted to keep Mama’s baby.  He loves to tickle my belly, talk to his brother, and give him hugs.  He’s going to be so in love in a few days when he sees his little brother for the first time and I can’t wait to witness it.


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