Lady in Waiting- 30 Weeks



Baby is:

  • Measuring right on track at 30 Weeks
  • Head down with a heartbeat of 141 (as of 20 minutes ago at the doctor but has since woken up)
  • Fully developed: just packing on chub, perfecting his breathing, and growing a head full of hair

I am:

  • Up 22 Pounds (feeling more like 42).  Since I haven’t really swollen yet, the majority of it is straight out so there’s a lot of turning sideways to get around.  A “Wide Load” sign is probably appropriate.
  • Tired.  All I really have the energy to tell you is that I don’t have the energy to do anything.  Angel (who never mentions housework that doesn’t get done because he loves me and values his life) even came home late last night to see me half asleep laying on the couch watching reruns of Shark Tank surrounded by dirty dishes, wall-to-wall toys, shoes and clothes and said “Oh, wow” and started laughing.  I didn’t even have the energy to tell him that “whatever you think I do all day, didn’t get done today.”  That included showering and changing out of pajamas (for neither Lucas nor myself).  We ate oatmeal for dinner.  It wasn’t my finest moment but was all I could do to get through a long day on my own with Lucas.

Oh, the memories:

  • Acid reflux is back.  And this is while I’m on prescription medication.  I’m going to go ahead and bring a razor to the hospital to shave his beard because I’m apparently gearing up to give birth to a miniature chewbacca.    What is with me and growing hairy babies?  I have it way worse this time and I had it so bad with Lucas.  Lucas was born with a hairy back and a full head of black hair so in my experience the old wive’s tale about acid reflux and hair is 1,000% accurate:



  • I feel so much bigger than I remember being last time at this stage.  I’m already outgrowing maternity clothes and yelling at them in my closet like it’s their fault.  Maternity clothes really should be labeled differently: Pregnancy 0-7 Months and Pregnancy 8-9 Months
  • I’ve gotten away thus far relatively unscathed with the sleeping situation.  I’m not waking up to use the bathroom too much and am able to immediately fall back asleep.  Last night pregnancy insomnia set in because I was awake until 4am making a list of things to pack for the hospital because when else would I be making a list of things that don’t need to happen right away?
  • I have a gut feeling that this baby is going to be bigger than Lucas and come early.  My c section has been scheduled but I honestly just don’t feel like I’m going to make it.  Before you laugh it off as crazy, I joked while pregnant with Lucas that I was going to have a 6 pound baby at 39 weeks and need I remind you that he came at exactly 39 weeks weighing 6 pounds 0 ounces?  So my gut feeling of an 8 pound baby before my scheduled c section really has me alarmed.

I’m at this stage of my pregnancy now with 2 major differences: I’m not laying on my back, but my side.  And I’m not eating carrots (unless those are the same thing as candy):

The looks that I’m getting in public are turning from those of “what a cute pregnant lady” to “wow, she looks miserable” as I really settle into my third trimester and waddle.  I’m usually always carrying a 30 pound toddler because he doesn’t always like to walk on his own (thoughtful of him to make sure I’m getting my exercise, really).  And speaking of the older brother, he is sooo incredibly clingy.  If we leave the house and get around other kids, he grabs onto my leg and hides behind me.  It’s like trying to scrape off gum from the bottom of your shoe: impossible without it getting stuck to something else.  He can’t deny my belly anymore but I think he’s going to be a great big brother.  We babysit my friend’s newborn every Monday for a few hours and he gets so into it.  He helps me get the bottle and feed her and then rocks her and shows her his toys and says “hi, baby!”  I’m sure it’s going to be different when the baby doesn’t go away, or when the baby starts moving and taking toys, but I’ll cross that bridge when we get there and enjoy the fact that I no longer worry about how Lucas is going to handle abdicating the throne.

In the mean time, I’m craving sea food.  So the baby apparently needs whatever is in the tuna I ate for lunch or the sushi that I seriously want to pick up for dinner after yoga.  Which I’m going to be late to if I don’t stop here and go change.  So I’m off to get all namaste and enjoy a good laugh at my new inability to bend forward.


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