28 Happy Days

My phone is dead (as in dead, dead, dead, I hope no one is having a mental breakdown and trying to contact me but if you are I’m not ignoring you) so there’s no photo today.  I finished sewing together the denim quilt that my mom and I started.  Next stop: batting and backing before it makes a permanent home on my son’s “big boy” bed.  Since he’s still rocking the crib, I have time to convince my mom to come back and help me finish it.

In other news, I found out today that this is the first time the weather in Southwest Michigan has been below 50 in May since 1909.  Fun, right?  The high today was 43.  I am ice.  I am one with the ice.  I turned on the oven just so I could open the door and stand in front of it.


I’m totally the snowman and folks here are just too afraid of my reaction to tell me that summer will never come.  sigh….

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