23 Happy Days

Well I have to say, so far this “100 Happy Days” is doing it’s job to change my point of view. Now, as part of my bedtime routine, I’m all: brush teeth, wash face, post my happy on the blog. I lay in bed with my last thoughts being about all of the things that day that made me happy: coffee in silence before Lucas woke up, a clean house, watching my toddler destroy the clean house, sewing with my friend, drinks with an Irish family, a night out with ex-pat moms, etc. so tonight, my happy is that this idea of finding something that makes you happy every day for 100 days, and that it’s actually making me happy again. Lack of snow helps, but I think I have to credit this a lot of forcing me to look at everything positively.

And because I heart my little destructive toddler, he’s a close second. Here’s what happened with I left his dresser unattended: it spit out all of his clothing. Must be time for a new dresser that behaves.




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