100 Days of Happy

It’s not a surprise that I’ve been in a funk. I would like to think that it’s just seasonal but at this point it feels like winter will never end, so who knows (cue freezing rain. Oh, never mind, it’s already here)…

I need to snap out of it. I know this. I also know that I’m my own worst enemy and my biggest cheerleader at the same time.

Last weekend I volunteered as a seamstress for The Cinderella Project of Kalamazoo. It’s a charity that collects donated formal dresses, shoes, and accessories, and then hands them out to high school girls who aren’t in a position to be able to afford them. I volunteered to bring my sewing skills (along with a car full of sewing junk) and put them to good use altering and repairing these dresses that the girls pick out so that they can go to prom. I was standing with one mom while her daughter was putting her picked dress on so I could pin it for alterations. The mom started crying and said “I thank you all so much for this!” And then told me that she was a disabled vet who couldn’t work and didn’t know how she was going to pay for her daughter’s prom and that because of this she was going to be able to go. I was so glad to be a part of it:


I was living off of that high while I scrubbed Lucas’ vomit off of the stairs, but the good feeling faded faster than the vomit smell in my house.

So tonight I was browsing the web and I found 100 Happy Days and have decided that I’m going to piggy back off of the idea. So here’s the deal: for the next 100 days I will be posting daily about something that day that made me happy. I’m going to do my best to also provide photographic evidence with my post as a way to hold my own self accountable and honest. Some days you may only be getting a photo and some days I’ll just burry it in a normal blog post. To my blog email subscribers: I hope you’re ready for 100 days of happy spam (set up some filters if you’re not).

Here’s to one hundred days to change my perspective!

….starting tomorrow because I’ve just spent 3 days cleaning up puke and assessing the need for an emergency room visit, I just paid my taxes, and got a repair bill for an entire heating and AC unit for our house in Arizona. So tonight I want to be tired and pissed, but tomorrow? Tomorrow, it’s time to move on.

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