Useful Snow

We just got back from Spring Break in Colorado and I’m just now getting around to taking the pictures off of my phone.  Why is it that when we take a trip I feel like I have to work overtime for a week to catch up? But I digress…

It’s never too early to teach Lucas the importance of Spring Break.  So we packed the family up and shipped down south to the warmer weather of…. Colorado.  I never thought that I would be traveling to Colorado to warm up.  Seriously, never.  Lucas slept on the plane for the first time in months, which was a refreshing change and I was even able to close my eyes myself.  That is, until my left arm and ass cheek fell asleep because I was too scared of waking the sleeping beast to move them for 3 hours.  Anyone who needs a good arm workout should just rest a sleeping toddler on it.  It’s a lot like holding a live land mine that could potentially explode at any second if you aren’t careful.

In Colorado we had a ski-in condo at the base of the resort and a Nana and G-pa who were loving every second of babysitting Lucas.  It was awesome.  Lucas went on wagon rides, watched Mickey Mouse, and counted to make sure all 10 toes were present (they were).  I’m not sure who had more fun.




All while we went skiing and enjoyed some awesome weather.  I hadn’t seen the sun in months.




Also while we were in Colorado, Lucas had his first projectile puke incident.  Luckily for my mom, it was when we were with her and all inside of her car.  While my mom is holding a butt naked baby wrapped in a jacket who is screaming at the top of his lungs, I’m scooping chunks out of his car seat and dry heaving in the parking lot of a gas station and my mom says to me “Oh yeah, I remember this age now.”  It cracked me up and made me feel the desperate need to apologize to her at the same time.  Instead, we just took Lucas home and I learned how to take apart his car seat:



Lucas was a rock star with the time change.  But one morning he woke up at 6 and that just wasn’t going to fly.  Anything before 8 may as well be the middle of the night in my mind.  So I brought Lucas into bed with us for the first time ever.  He hardly skipped a beat before he took over my pillow and snuggled up with his pacifier for the long haul.  He hasn’t woken up since and tried to get into bed with us, but I loved the snuggles so much that I’m not going to be able to say no to him if he does.  I’ve created a monster and I knew it immediately.

IMG_3730[1]Unfortunately, it was time to go home too soon.  So we packed this little ball of energy up and played Mickey Mouse on repeat on the ipad until we landed back in the white cover of Michigan.  *sigh*



I’m not sure who’s ready to go back the most: Me, Lucas, or Angel.


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