Spring Is Here

This has been the worst winter that I can remember.  If I wasn’t snowed in, the roads were so bad that I didn’t want to drive in them with the baby in the car.  And if the roads were plowed it was only because a storm was coming within the hour.  I see the pictures now that I posted while we were snowed in, and I honestly would kill to only have that much snow to stare at.  In January we lost our patio furniture, and by February the presence of a bird bath was only in my mind.  The snow in my backyard has been feet deep for months.  And I’m over it.

I think seasonal depression set in some time around the end of February, and as it turns out I have very little patience left.  Lucas’ swear jar went into storage because I couldn’t afford to yell at my dog any more for eating the food that Lucas scattered around the family room as entertainment.  I haven’t sat on my couch in months because all I hear is “up! up! up!” from a tiny human when I do.

I’ve given it 4 months and 8 pounds and I just can’t be stuck in this house anymore.


This is where my mind is at when I woke up on the first day of spring.  The worst part is that I recognize that I’m in a funk, but I’m not sure what to do to get myself out of it.

So today I was at a play group with Lucas and one of the ladies was asking me what my plans are for my birthday tomorrow.  And honestly? I have none and no desire to change it.  Luckily she was persist ant and sent me a message after the group to say that she wants to do out and do something because birthdays are meant to be celebrated.  Why did it take someone I don’t know well to remind me that I need to snap out of it?  In the last week, the snow has melted outside enough to show a shred of grass as a sign that this cold spell is ending:


Mother Nature is reminding me (in 40 degree weather) that this too, shall pass.  It’s time for a new season, to hit the gym, and apologize to my poor dog for taking the brunt of my bad mood this winter.  It’s really not her fault that Lucas is using her as a step stool to get onto the couch.

And best of all, today is the first day of spring.  Today marks that I have officially survived winter.  It’s over.  We are all still alive and well and ready to dig out of our family room.  Lucas needs to learn that “boots” and “shoes” really aren’t the same thing and that it’s not normal to wear socks 24/7.

Unfortunately, our mailbox didn’t fare the winter as well.


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