Scale, Meet Trash

Do you ever wake up in the morning, look in the mirror, and think that can’t be accurate?

The holidays have passed, so it’s time for everyone to directly throw out their scales before anyone or anything gets set on them.  Save yourself the ego hit and the lofty goals to join a gym and step away from the peppermint chocolate cookies.  Or hell, just finish up the cookies quickly and throw away the trash before anyone notices.

69242b4425e9a08a3fdba6ce2d754d23I’ve been thinking of ways to fit back into my wardrobe and after some Google searching I’ve decided that this guy has the right idea:

379f24298fd4a81d5e3b27f7242f5492And I probably have a few baby magnets that I can sacrifice to the cause.

All of this because, according to this BMI chart, I’m too short.


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