Stop, Collaborate, and Listen

It’s been a while since I had the chance to post what I’ve been doing.  I assume you’ll understand why when I tell you that this:


Turned into this:

IMG_1687Courtesy of some evil baby teeth finally making an appearance.  Having a screaming and sick baby really makes everything that much more challenging.  Right when I was sad that he was growing up so quickly and didn’t need me anymore, he started teething and decided that ONLY mommy can make him feel better.  Mommy, on the other hand, is more than happy to oblige by dropping everything and spending days on the couch doing this:

IMG_1669So what do you know?  My baby needs me after all to make him feel better.

I was able to sneak in some mommy time in the middle of this teething adventure.  First, I took a stroll around the mall hoping that I could sneak a few minutes of sleep out of the Little Dude.  Luckily he was calm long enough for me to get my eyebrows done

IMG_1689And then I pressed my luck and got a new haircut!

IMG_1691This came a day after I spent 20 minutes tearing apart the diaper bag and car looking for the sunglasses that were on top of my head.  So I’m assuming the two add up to me officially becoming a mom.  I should probably just give up now and spring for some new Mom Jeans to complete my Stay-At-Home-Mom makeover.

The only way that I’ve been able to get anything done is with my little man literally attached to my hip in  my 4th baby carrier.  Some people go through strollers to find the one that works, some people go through bottles.  I took the middle ground and went with baby carriers and now I think I finally found one that I LOVE (love, love, love) so I’m going to sell all of my others and kick myself for not just starting here.



Before the teething started, I spent a busy week with folks who I’ve met here.  I spent a couple of days with ex-pat folks from Ireland.  Then a couple of play dates, a mom’s group, and a trip to the zoo!  I embraced the heat that I oh-so miss but was a little worried about my sweet boy over heating so I gave him a sippy cup of water, embraced the diaper look, and walked him through a couple of misters.  He didn’t care at all that it was hot as long as he was with mom and dad!

IMG_1657In the midst of all of this I’ve learned that now that Lucas doesn’t nap as well cuddling so he has to sleep in his crib, my new favorite time of day is letting him crawl around on the bedroom floor while I get dressed for the day.  He’s so stinking cute and I just love watching the personality that he’s getting!!!  I have the Pack n Play set up in the bedroom still and if he’s awake that’s where he goes when I shower.  Then it’s all fair game while I’m getting dressed and drying my hair.  Here are a few of the (pre teething) moments that I’ve caught on camera:

Make a new friend

Make a new friend

Then try to eat him

Then try to eat him

Let.  Me.  Out.

Let. Me. Out.

Oh I see.  Solitary.

Oh I see. Solitary.

Milk mustache

Milk mustache

Jail break with mommy

Jail break with mommy


And lastly, even while teething I have a happy baby.  This may have something to do with the baby Oragel and dose of Tylenol that he has in his system, but my snotball of a teething baby still has a smile in him to round off my blog post.

IMG_1693Cheers to a teething baby still sleeping 11 hours through the night uninterrupted!!







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