Let’s Pretend This Never Happened


I had to run to the fabric store to pick up more black minky fabric for a Mickey Mouse security blanket that I was making for a friend.  Really, it’s a thrilling life that I lead up here in the tundra.  Anyway, I had about 10 minutes before Lucas needed to take a nap.  Jo-Ann Fabric is like my black hole.  I could spend hours in there and not realize that the store closed 30 minutes ago.  So even though I knew exactly what I wanted, 10 minutes is not enough.

I decided to stretch out my time by giving him cereal that he now knows how to feed himself.  It worked like a charm until he ran out, started screaming, and all of a sudden I realize that the odd looks that I’m getting are because Lucas has cereal all over his face and stuck in his hair.  I take him out of the stroller to try to clean him up, and while I’m holding him he pukes all over me and the fabric that I was holding and then starts giggling while the lady who works there is staring at me with a horrified expression on her face.

“We’ll go ahead and take a full yard of that.”


Well, let’s get on with it while I still have a shred of dignity intact.  Here’s the stuff that I did while I wasn’t here:

Read a book called I Just Want To Pee Alone which literally had me laughing out loud.  Has your kid ever unbuttoned your shirt in church?  Because until he has, you’re not going to find the humor in this.  Luckily for me, Lucas totally has.  I’m so not kidding.  And it took me about 20 minutes to realize that my bra was hanging out.  We should probably find a new church now.

Took Lucas on a picnic after picking strawberries at a local farm with a few lovely moms who I’ve met.  Really, I just used their children as cheap slave labor while mine gave my back hickies from the comfort of his baby carrier.  And then we ate.




Lucas learned how to feed himself baby cereal.  He now screams when he runs out.  I would like to think that he’s just trying to find his voice.



Sitting in the stroller like a big boy now!  No more car seat for him


We spent Father’s Day in Saugatuck, which is a cute little beach town against Lake Michigan.  Lucas was a little less amused by the nice weather and grass than Angel and I were


Just as I suspected: I birthed a future Sun Devil.



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