Liquid Strike

It’s like Lucas’ body fluids have gone on strike and thus decided to stage a walk-out.  I’m out of bleach and carpet cleaner, and even Molly is hiding.  Meanwhile in my backyard, the neighborhood rabbits are having an orgy in the grass.  Yep, it’s a day for the books.

Yesterday, prior to the Liquid Strike of 2013, I dropped Lucas’ crib to the lowest position and took a few 6 month photos.

IMG_1439 IMG_1447Which is getting harder to do now that all Lucas wants to do is crawl all over the place.  You have no idea how many photos like this I now have on my phone:



In the middle of our Liquid Meltdown, the last of our new family room was delivered.  Here’s where I spend most of my time now:

IMG_1471Naturally, it’s not ever this clean so I had to take the photo during nap time and cut out the second half of the room that’s COVERED in baby toys, play mats, burp cloths, changing table, and I think you get the idea.

Lucas got a new toy yesterday.  And you know the saying that kids are more interested in the box then the toy?  Yeah, what’s up with that?  Little Dude, we got you a new toy.  Screw the box that it came in and play with the actual toy before I throw you in your crib and take away all of your toys until you understand how awesome your parents are for giving you this new toy!!



And lastly on this super quick post because I don’t have a ton of time between laundry, cleaning stains out of the carpet, more laundry, and more laundry, here are more naked photos of my baby today because everything I’ve put on him today has ended up being soaked in bleach and I’m out of bleach so he’s out of clothes:

pause between diaper blow out and puking

pause between diaper blow out and puking

IMG_1473Nap time with Momma.  The only break in cleaning that I’ve gotten all day.



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