I’m Cleaning Out My Closet

…Of clothes!  I’m below my pre-pregnancy weight (I would like to thank breast feeding for always believing in me through those tough nights.  God, of course.  I would like to thank God…. And I know I’m forgetting someone.  Oh! My Mom.  Duh.  Thanks to my mom for the genes to shed this baby weight without lifting a weight.  I love you, mom!), I’m finally making it through my clothes and throwing in the low rise jeans on clothes that no longer fit.  I made it through the pants- which was a blow to the ego when I threw about half into the “give away” box.  After that, I started going through shirts and that went a little bit better.  Shirts that I remember being a little snug now seem to fit but there were a few favorites that just doesn’t fit this new body that my adorable son gave me.  I had to stop myself a few times going through my tank tops because I just kept thinking “I can get rid of this because I don’t even remember when I last wore it” because last summer I didn’t get to wear any of them unless they came from a maternity store.  Every woman has their limit, and it turns out that half of my closet is mine.  Half of my closet escaped the cut, the rest is hanging with a little bit more room now.  Maybe I’ll get around to the rest one day when I’m feeling up for it.  This has been my least favorite part of having a baby, and that includes Lucas literally being cut out of me.

A few days ago I took Lucas’ 5 month photos:


IMG_1235I love the personality that he’s getting!  He smiles and giggles constantly, he rolls around on purpose, he reaches for toys.  He’s just such a ball of fun!  He’s still very interested in his toes

IMG_1259And he becomes a little concerned when we put shoes on him.  For about a week he was constantly trying to put his toes in his mouth and that trend has continued into this week.  But he’s started to graduate on to everything that he can get his hands on.  Toys, the dog, burp cloths, anything those sticky little fingers wrap themselves around.

IMG_1225Today, while the dog was busy unloading her toy chest in my family room:

IMG_1219I put Lucas in chew toy heaven so that I could make coffee and check that the house wasn’t flooding because I woke up to LOUD thunder and pouring rain that made the house look like it was midnight, not 8am.

IMG_1282Lucky for us, it warmed up enough that I could open the house back up again today and enjoy the sunshine while we went to run a few errands and walk around.  While I was out, I came across this swim shirt that I couldn’t pass up, seeing as how that’s what Angel and i call him:

IMG_1285In other news, tonight is the third night of Lucas’ new 8:30 bedtime.  Last night went only okay, but yesterday was a nightmare when it came to nap times.  What happened to my awesome sleeper?!  The only logical explanation is that he’s learned how to piss off his mother.  The only way that I could calm him down is to crawl on the floor with him, so that’s exactly what I did!


I put him in his swing for a while and was laughing at him fighting nap time until he, alas, gave up.



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