The Rivi (Plural) In The Windy City

So as promised, I have about 30 minutes to tell you all about our weekend in Chicago before Lucas melts down and it’s bedtime.

We had a BLAST, though!  We stayed on Michigan Avenue at the Marriott.  The highway was flooded going into the city thanks to all of the crazy weather that we’ve been getting, so we had to detour though the awesome parts of Chicago on the south side that you hear about on the news.  Luckily, we did that with everyone else traveling on I-94 so it only took us 3 hours to go 4 miles through the ghetto.

When we got to the hotel, we had a few minutes before we had to get ready for dinner.  Everyone was tired, but Angel and I and his aunt, who all bundled up Lucas and put him in a stroller and went wondering around Michigan Avenue.  We made it to the Disney store before we picked up a cute onesie and pajamas and “Wreck it Ralph” picture book and then we called it a night and went to get ready for dinner.

With the time change, our 8:30 reservation at a super nice restaurant meant a 9:30 bedtime for Lucas, and wa-lah!  We had a peaceful dinner and completely forgot that the baby was sleeping next to us.  Lesson learned for the future!  But it’s really good that he slept because this isn’t the kind of establishment that caters to families, children, or anyone not in a tie.

On Saturday we walked all. over. the. city.  A total of 6 miles we calculated.  We walked to Millennium Park and took many of the photos that I posted earlier, and then we walked to Buckingham Fountain (which sadly was empty for construction), and then we walked to the Field Museum and through the exhibits there.  Then we walked back to Michigan Avenue and went to lunch before we decided that our feet were tired and we hitched a ride back to the shopping that was a little bit closer to the hotel.  A few rounds through a pair of our favorite stores (Nordstrom Rack and Nike) we went to the hotel to change for dinner.

Another 8:30 reservation, another quiet dinner at the City Grille which was another not-meant-for-children establishment.  Luckily, we have the World’s Best Baby who was a trooper and probably fared the poor service the best out of our table.  I’ve had poor service before, but I’ve never had a steak knife dropped down my back before, so that was new and probably sums up the service.

Because the place was so poor and because we ran out of time to tour the observatory at the top of the Hancock building that we were staying next to, we had Sunday Brunch on the 95th floor at the Signature Room viewing out over Lake Michigan and the city.  It was beautiful!  But when we were done it was time to get in the car and make the drive home.

Vacations are always too short.

Those are the Cliff’s Notes version of the weekend because I have an early melt down on my hands and need to run.

Have a great week, everyone!

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