No Coffee on Monday For Mommy

It’s been a busy few days!

On Valentine’s Day, Angel took me (and Lucas) to dinner at this Italian restaurant called Bravo.  Every Valentine’s Day that we have been together, he would always take me to this little place in Phoenix called “Aiello’s” that was amazing.  While this place was no Aiello’s, I love that Angel was sentimental enough to pick another Italian restaurant.  The food was great, the wine was good, and it as a great date night with my two boys- both smiling at me all night.

The last 3 days I’ve spent at the house painting bedrooms.  3 bedrooms, 4 paint colors, and 6 gallons of paint later, I can hardly move my arm because it hurts so badly but the rooms are more our taste now.  The bedrooms were painted interesting colors that just didn’t match our decor.  For instance, here is the before and after of what’s going to be my craft room (that I negotiated in the move):



We went back to finish up on Sunday because these…. bold? colors needed two coats of paint to cover.  On Sunday, Lucas decided it was the perfect opportunity to scream when we set him down.  He was screaming like we never give him attention, which I know for a FACT is false because I ambush him with kisses and cuddles often.  Hours and no progress later, he finally fell asleep:



In the bathroom, because that’s how we roll.

I went back this afternoon to finish putting the rooms back together because the movers come tomorrow morning to deliver our stuff from storage!!  I can’t wait to have my bed back.  I have turned into such a bed snob after sleeping on this crappy, small,  mattress with itchy sheets.   As it seems, Angel and I are incapable of sharing a bed smaller than King!  I’ve kicked him in my sleep, and he’s elbowed me in his, and our poor puppy isn’t sure where she fits so she takes her half out of the middle and I usually have some limb hanging off the side and into the baby’s rocker, which I literally have to crawl over to get in and out of bed.  These are what our sleeping arraignments look like in this glorious crap castle.

On the topic of sleep, my little munchkin has slept 8 to 8 1/2 hours a night for the last 3 nights!!!  I’m so excited that he’s not waking me up at 4am anymore, that I wake myself up and lay there for an hour to make sure he’s not waking up.  It’s a very efficient process.  If my internal alarm could just let me sleep, I would appreciate these 8 hours a heck of a lot more.  Instead, I wake up at 6 or 7 feeling like I took a hit directly to my chest and I can’t feed the baby fast enough.

At 7 this morning, I was so distracted by the fact that he was smiling at me that I hardly cared that he wouldn’t go back to sleep.  That’s a total lie, I’ll take sleep over smiles any morning when I don’t have coffee in the house.  And I don’t.  We ran out 48 hours ago, and they feel like a loooong 48 hours.  I don’t want to go get more, though, because tomorrow I plan on tearing into the kitchen boxes to find my Keurig machine and say “goodbye” to crappy ground coffee until our next stint in temporary, furnished housing.  I anticipate that to be 6 weeks after hell freezes over my dead body.

And because I talk about Lucas like the proud momma that I am (and it’s the internet and my blog so I would like to see someone stop me), here is your overdose of cuteness:

smiles 2 smiles


In other news, every Wednesday Angel has the opportunity to load up on Kellogg’s goodness from the employee store.  We usually talk on Tuesday night about what he’s going to get so that we can plot what we need and what we’re sending to friends.  Last week they were out of our usuals, so Angel came home with this gem, which is like a sugar high in a box (if that translated into: ah-mazing):



Do you see how awesome this is?!  It’s Fruit Loops with something like Lucky Charms marshmallows.  I’ve never seen these in stores, and that’s one of the awesome perks of Angel’s new job.  The other being that I get to spend 7 days a week in sweat pants with my poop machine if I feel like it.

And finally, happy 3 month birthday to my little man.  He’s growing up so fast and the time is flying by.  Mommy loves you!

when in rome



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