Wait A Minute Mr. Postman

Today, I had some amazing deliveries.

First, I ordered this iPhone case on sale at the Coach Factory store:


When I went to pick up that delivery in our Crap Castle office, there was a second package waiting for me:

IMG_0675 IMG_0678


My NEW computer!!!!  I’ve been rocking my work computer for years, and since I turn that sucker in when I travel to Arizona in March (see: ending employment to stay home with my poop machine), Angel got me a sweet new Ultrabook that I know nothing about, other than it’s sweet and looks pretty 🙂

I put the case on my phone, sent Angel a picture of the computer box, and just started to tear into the box with UPS rings my door buzzer to deliver a package.  Thinking it was Amazon diapers, I went to the door to get it and was surprised with this:



It’s the embroidery machine that I’ve  been eyeing for months but refused to buy because I thought it was too expensive to buy for myself.  So my awesomely awesome husband surprised me and got it for me!!  I had no idea he even knew which machine I was looking at, but he totally nailed it and I love him for being so thoughtful.

Short post tonight because it took me an hour to figure out where Internet Explorer on this computer is, and I’m overwhelmed with all of the new machines that I got today from my husband who thinks that I deserve them all.

He’s awesome ❤


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