So Much To Do, So Let’s Drink Instead

The title just about sums up my week.  I have so much to do with packers coming Monday and Tuesday and movers picking up everything Wednesday, so I spent the week at lunches and happy hours trying to say “goodbye” to everyone before I leave.  Naturally, I’ll never have time to see everyone who I want to, so to those who I miss: I hope that you all know how much you mean to me but understand that I just had too much going on with a cross country move and a 2 month old on my own.

This week, Lucas learned how to smile:

IMG_0554 IMG_0555 IMG_0557 IMG_0566

Which is awesome because after 2 months of my boss screaming at me I was looking for some small sign that I was doing it all right.

The smiles are also great to keep me from realizing how gross it is that my son blew out his diaper while we were running errands yesterday.  Who doesn’t love having to run home to change your shirt, your baby’s clothes, hose him down, and then wipe poop out of your car’s trunk?  All the while I’m muttering profanity that I’m going to have to fill the swear jar from, Lucas is sitting in his car seat looking at me and smiling.  I think he did it on purpose.  Well played.

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