My mom always told me that when you become a mom it’s impossible for you to be selfish. I always hoped that it would come that easy to me and I didn’t truly notice the change until I started putting piles together for our final flight to Michigan.

Because we wont get the keys to our rental until mid February, we have to plan a month in temp housing and our stuff to go into storage. So in the last 3 trips that we have taken I have been packing suitcases of things to leave in Michigan in the temp housing unit. Now that I am packing for our final trip I have piles all over the house for our 4 suitcases and 1 carry on and I have noticed that I have the largest pile of stuff. I was trying to think of how that could be possible when it dawned on me: the last 3 trips I have been packing for everyone else to make sure that they have what they need. Now I get the room that’s left and i am totally okay with this. Im okay with it because it means that everyone has what they need and if I’m forgetting anything or run out of room, I am the only one who will suffer the loss.

This must be the subconscious selflessness that my mom spoke of…

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