Hurricane Angel

Okay, you remember me telling you all about how I won Mom of the Year by ignoring my screaming baby to vacuum and clean my house with my ipod?  Yeah, I was able to keep the house spotless, dishes washed, and have it ready to be shown to potential renters at a moments notice.  ALL WITH A SICK BABY.  No problem.

Until Friday night when Hurricane Angel blew through town.

I appreciated the help and having him back.  And he appreciated the baby which was perfect because by Saturday morning I was ready to tap out.  I actually left the house alone and it was ah-mazing.  And then I took a nap, read a book… and no I’m totally kidding.  But I was able to leave the house alone and it felt like vacation not having to carry around 8 pounds of baby in a 15 pound car seat being pushed by a 10 pound stroller.

On Saturday night Laura was in town so we went over to a friend’s house to see her.  And because Lucas doesn’t really know the difference between 3pm and 3am yet, we took him along with.  When we got home at 11pm, we put him to bed and I swear to you he slept from midnight to 7am straight and I couldn’t believe it when he woke me up and the sun was coming up.  It was a refreshing change from stumbling for the light switch at 4am while screaming curse words.

On the topic of curse words, Angel and I decided that we were going to copy what our friends do with their daughter.  She’s only 9 months old, but they have decided that they need to change their vocabulary and have a swear jar and for every bad word they throw $0.50 into the jar that gets deposited into her college fund.  Luckily for our bank account, we decided to wait to implement this until after the move because I would hate to owe my baby that much money right off the bat.

Today when we were getting ready to take Angel to the airport, Lucas had the diaper blow out that we’ve all been waiting for.  We cleaned him up, changed him, and about 15 minutes later I could smell him from across the house.  So we cleaned him up, changed him, and went to the airport.  After Hurricane Angel blew out of town and I returned to the dwelling that was once my organized house, Lucas blew out diaper number 3.  At this point, painter’s drop cloths in my family room would be appropriate but instead my poor dog is hiding somewhere in the house far, far away from the explosions going on down south in the land of Lucas.  I don’t blame her, I’m actually a little jealous that she doesn’t have to deal with this.

That’s it for tonight.  I need to get some dinner and then bundle up because it’s been freezing (literally) all weekend.  I had to turn the sprinklers off because they iced over my sidewalk.  It’s been in the 20’s at night and 40’s or 50’s during the day and my heater broke.  Luckily the one upstairs in the bedrooms still worked, so Lucas and I spent most of last week in our rooms and the loft until I figured out how to light the pilot light on the fireplace in the family room.  Before you judge- we live in Phoenix so fireplaces here are totally asthetic and we’ve never used it in as long as we’ve lived in this house.  We probably still wouldn’t use it if I had heat downstairs.

I can smell my son, so it’s probably time to stop typing and go change the plastic cover on the sofa because I am a classy lady.

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