Politics and Marriage

After last night’s debate, there’s an article on the local news website this morning discussing how marriages where the husband and wife stand on different sides of the political fence don’t work.  I would like to publicly solute that article with my favorite finger this morning as I take offense to the idea that I have to think like my husband for he and I to be happy and him to stay with me.  I would like to think that he stays with me because I don’t agree with what he thinks all of the time and sometimes I have very valid points that he hadn’t thought of.

When it comes to politics, Angel thinks that Obama is the best thing since sliced bread and I think that Angel is stupid.  We’ll never agree, we know that, and we’re okay with it.  We sat on the couch last night watching the debate, made a few generic comments every once in a while like “ugh, how stupid can this guy be?!” (sometimes talking about the candidates and sometimes about each other) and then we change the subject and move on.  We don’t need a live debate in the house as well because much like the presidential candidates on TV, we will never change each others minds but that doesn’t mean that we don’t agree on major decisions of our lives.

So suck on eggs, ABC.  The key to a happy marriage is knowing how to argue and knowing what’s worth arguing about.  He’s allowed to think whatever he wants to, and I’ll continue to think that he’s wrong and we will both choose not to argue about this and it appears that we have a happy marriage.

Commence one finger solute.

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