Fire Up the Uterus

Just when I thought that my adorable husband couldn’t get any more adorable, he surprises me.

Yesterday I came home from work to a box on my front door that’s Mini Me’s new stroller.  Naturally, it’s “some assembly required” so I was thinking Angel would get around to it in 5-6 years… from our next child.  But perhaps because I don’t let him do anything with decorating the nursery, he took stroller assembly as his way to contribute to the kick-boxer that is our son.  He opened the box in the entry way of the house, drug all of the parts to the family room, and assembled the whole thing while I supervised from my perch on the couch (occasionally asking him to move his big head because it was in the way of the TV).  He then started pushing the stroller around the house and playing with the seat and showing me how to set it up, and collapse it.

It may be record time for a project being completed in our house.

Proud daddy

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