Take Two

So I had this great, creative, witty, BIG post about the Zombie Apocalypse, sweet potatoes, and dead relatives, and then I hit “save draft” and my blog thought that I hit the super-secret non existent “delete all and waste my time” button.  So I was forced to rewrite a crappier version of the blog entry and when I hit “publish” my blog thought that was also the super secret “delete all” button that still does not exist.  So now you’re stuck with a crappier version of a crappy version of an amazing blog entry.  And you can blame it all on my computer being a bitch.


I am officially in the home stretch.  69 days stand between me and our expected arrival of Baby Rivas.  I commented to Angel yesterday that it feels like it went by so quickly and he said: “Really?!  No it doesn’t!” but I decided to assume that he meant that in a “no, you absolutely haven’t been a pain in the ass the last 30 weeks, babe” kind of way.  It also probably didn’t help that this conversation was had on the way to Buy Buy Baby to purchase a crib mattress against his will.

My pregnancy email this week says that my baby is 17 inches long and 3 pounds “or about the size of a head of cabbage.”  I would like to know what kind of freaky Farmer’s Market the writers of babycenter.com shop at that sells 17 inch, 3 pound cabbage because I call BS on their analogy.

My OB was right at 14 weeks when he told me that if I could already feel movement that it meant my “third trimester was going to suck.”  At this point I’m starting to worry that I’m gestating a pissed-off house cat.  He’s swimming around in about a pint of fluid now that will decrease as he grows.  It makes me happy to know that at least one of us is still able to drink pints, and I hope for his sake that it’s something good, like Four Peaks Brewery Pumpkin Porter.  I’m having a fall baby, after all.  Mini Me is also starting to thin some of his crazy body hair and will continue to do so until he’s born.

My baby at 30 weeks. Isn’t he sweet?

In nursery news, the furniture is getting delivered on Wednesday.  I think they forgot all about me until I called them last week asking what the ETA was on furniture that I don’t need yet.  The little boy on the other end of the phone asked me if there were stairs in my house and when I said “oh, yeah” I could hear a loud sign on the other end of the phone.  Yeah, I’m not stupid, I know this crap is heavy and there’s a lot of it and that’s exactly why we paid you to haul it up my stairs with the sharp turn half way up.  Enjoy, and you’re welcome.

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