Take Two (And A Half)

I really don’t appreciate writing things three and four times, so I decided to split up this week’s Maternity Monday blog entry.  Here’s the second half of my post, if it wasn’t deleted twice this morning:


On Saturday I convinced my adorable husband to wake up at 6am, dress up, and take maternity photos with me.  I think that he (secretly) got into it and by the end was (secretly) enjoying himself.  We even took our fur baby along and turned them into a bit of family photos since this is the last time that it’s just going to be the three of us in a photo and I imagine this alien I’m growing inside of me is going to harass Molly until she hides from him for the rest of her life.

Here is a sneak peek at a few of our maternity photos from this weekend.  If you want to check out all of the proofs, the information to do so is at the bottom of this post:

I’ve heard that light orbs in photos are spirits that are around you when the photo was taken.  I would like to think this is true because most of the photos that I’ve seen the orbs in are ones taken during major life events.  For instance, this one that my friend snapped at my wedding when I was dancing with my dad:

I showed this one to my grandpa and told him about the light orbs and that I thought one of them was my grandma and my grandpa said he agreed.  While I was looking through the proofs of the maternity photos just now (as in the first time that I wrote this), I came across one where I was admiring my belly and there were three orbs.  I would like to think that these are my grandma, my grandpa, and the baby who we lost in December and the lights are over my heart- right where they belong:

And because I may have jacked the last one off of her website, please give credit to Brooke Oliphant of Keki Photography (www.kekiphotography.com) for her amazing work.

On a lighter note, I made Angel sweet potato casserole last night.  This is a big thing because it’s probably his favorite side dish ever and I strongly detest sweet potatoes.  If they were to not survive a Zombie Apocalypse, I would carry on the exact same after my sweet-potato-free party that I throw.  But I decided to make it for Angel for being so sweet to me and loving me through all of my neurotic mood swings the last 30 weeks.  I didn’t try any, but he told me that he LOVED them and then he ate about half and told me again that they were the best he’s ever had (I probably made up that last comment but I’m pretty proud of myself).


To checkout our maternity proofs:

password: ac-rivas

You need your email address to sign in, but she doesn’t spam.

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