Diary of a Nursery Chair

I’m in love… with a piece of furniture.

Angel went on Saturday morning to pick up our new La-Z-Boy rocker.  So let me break down how the rest of the weekend went after:

Saturday 2pm: Rocker arrives at house.  Momma-to-be (me) is out bringing lunch to her brother.

Saturday at 4pm: Momma-to-be arrives home to new, gorgeous, rocker/recliner in the loft in front of the TV.  It’s love at first sight.

Saturday at 5pm: Momma-to-be texts family:

our new La-Z-Boy rocker/recliner for the baby. It’s in the loft while Angel paints and I would take a picture of it but I haven’t gotten out of it yet so this was the best I could do

Saturday at 6pm: I’m joined by a guest:

Saturday at 7pm: Starting to get hungry.  Still unwilling to move for food.

Saturday at 7:05pm: Baby disagrees.  I move for food.

Saturday at 8pm: Back in the chair, back watching HBO.  This is the start of a wonderful romance.

Saturday at 9pm: Chair seems to do the job…

Saturday at 11pm: Chair seems to do the job well.  Daddy-to-be wakes up Momma-to-be (and puppy) to put them to bed.  A successful night in the life of a chair.

Sunday at 11am: Momma-to-be takes a break from nesting.  Sits in the chair to relax for a minute.

Sunday at 11:30am: Momma-to-be is quickly joined by her fur baby who’s getting the hang of this:

Sunday at 1pm: Momma-to-be is woken by a swift kick to the bladder.  Baby hungry and not appreciating the chair as much as Momma-to-be

Sunday at 6pm: Back in the chair.  Seems to have a gravitational pull for Momma-to-be

This is the start of a beautiful relationship with my new chair.

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