Rivas, Christina S 1:40 PM
do we have a flashlight?
Rivas, Angel D 1:40 PM
i don’t think so
Rivas, Christina S 1:41 PM
just wondering in case the power goes out from these storms
Rivas, Angel D 1:41 PM
we have candles
Rivas, Christina S 1:41 PM
well, you’re not supposed to use candles because of the fire risk
and we only have the two
maybe I’ll see if I can find a cheap one on amazon in case we need it
I don’t want to be fumbling in the dark for a baby
seriously, this nesting/maternal instinct thing is really weird
I have no idea why I have a sudden urge to plan for a blackout
Enter: 2 Mag Light flashlights.  They’ll be here in 2 days

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