Maternity Monday- A Lesson In Knowing When To Stop

24 weeks!  Finally!  Not sure what the significance of 24 weeks is, but whatever, I’m there! Yay me!

My baby is 12.5 inches, which is about the size of a foot long submarine sandwich loaded with extra olives- mmmm (though has already costed a touch more than one), and is over a pound. I haven’t felt as tired lately because I’ve been way into the Olympics.  After the first week of events I’ve decided that we need to figure out a way to get a tiny treadmill up there for Baby Rivas to start practicing so that I can be the mom crying in the stands instead of the soon-to-be-mom crying over P&G commercials on her couch.

Speaking of movement, little guy must be running out of room to kick me unnoticed because last night was the first night that I woke up due to Mini Me movement.  It was adorable and endearing and all of that… for the first 30 minutes.  If his ears are developed enough to hear me then he is already learning how to defy his parents wishes.  Isn’t that sweet?  So now I imagine my Baby Rivas looks something like a Tarsier:

Tarsier- a big-eyed, hairy, nocturnal mammal who clings to things like trees and bushes

This is probably why my doctor hasn’t recommended any ultra sounds after 20 weeks, especially in 3D.  It would just make my imagination worse.

I’m also getting comfortable with all of these odd pains and symptoms that I’ve been feeling and what’s causing them:

  • Sharp pain in my lower abdomen: my baby somehow got a hold of a spork
  • Burning in my throat: baby doesn’t like what I ate
  • Pain in my tunny: baby did like what I ate

I was told “everything in moderation” and got a lesson in when to stop this weekend.  Angel was awarded the Husband of the Year Award when he indulged my taste in rockers for the nursery at La-Z-Boy, was a silent shopping partner on hanger holding detail at Motherhood Maternity in the mall, and then took me to In-n-Out for lunch because burgers sounded good to me.  This is about the time that I decided to quit while I was ahead and stop asking for things because he apparently forgot what the word “no” means and I didn’t want to remind him.  I also gave him a big kiss and control of the remote for the evening for letting Momma get what Momma wanted all afternoon.  Love this guy!

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