21 Weeks

First, let me start by saying that my back is starting a fight against the rest of my body.  Just above my tail bone are a few very angry vertebrae attempting to protest any further work on their part.  Trust me vertebrae, I get it, but this is a team effort and no part of my body is enjoying the extra work– least of all my digestive system.  Keep your eyes on the prize.

Guess how many pregnancy books, websites, and emails say that I should be feeling like a rock star and downright awesome?  Well, LA DEE FRICKING DA!!  How wonderful that must be for those folks!  I am feeling better than I was, but I don’t think I would classify myself as feeling “fabulous” or “energetic” for probably another 18 years.

My baby boy is about 10 1/2 inches long, and still clearly developing his reflexes.  Movements can be felt from the inside, outside, and for the full Jurassic Park effect, can be seen through rippling in the water while I float in the pool like the fat lady that I’ve become.

Speaking of kicking, simmer down Baby Rivas and stop distracting mommy from complaining about being pregnant with you!

Oh, and let’s do our weekly check-in with my hormones: Yep, still present!  I started crying last night while laying in bed because Molly was cuddling with me and my belly and I suddenly thought of how sad it’s going to be to have to put her to sleep in 10 years.  My hormones are playing nasty, nasty tricks on me that I am not appreciating!  I also got so incredibly sad this morning when I put Molly in her crate that I promptly left her out and told her to be good so I don’t get in trouble with “dad” for not crating her.  I couldn’t stand the face that she gave me!!!  So then she got cookies, some cuddle time, and I was late to work while she, no doubt, is sleeping on my couch all day instead of being in her crate.

“A dog has no use for fancy cars or big homes or designer clothes…. Simply give him your heart and he will give you his.” – John Grogan

In other news, this week I think I can declare an official winner in the race outward that was being held between my chest and my belly the last 21 weeks.  The win goes to….. my baby belly!  This marks the start of looking pregnant and the end of looking fat.  Congratulations, baby belly, on your win.

I dropped in to the OB this week who measured my belly, took the heart rate, and read through the ultrasound report.  Apparently I’m measuring 3 days ahead of schedule (hello, Thanksgiving!) and am in the 23rd percentile.  I had him walk through what that meant and was essentially told that I have one healthy little baby boy growing like he should, but not to plan on a 10 pound baby which “is probably a good thing given your size.”  All essential organs are present and operating as they should, there are 4 chambers of the heart, and 2 parts of a brain.  I’m a baby making goddess!

Next stop: gestational diabetes test.

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