Attack of the Bed Pillows

My adorable husband has been having trouble waking up in the morning with neck and back pain.  But I haven’t had anything 31 years old that hasn’t broken yet so it’s to be expected.  He went to the chiropractor who cracked his back, told him to get a shaped bed pillow, and sent him on his way.

So he traded his two king sized pillows in for one small shaped pillow to support his neck.

Now, you remember me telling you about how I now sleep with a pregnancy pillow that’s the size of a Backstreet Boy?  Now we have that, 2 king sized pillows, one neck pillow, and a feather pillow.  I woke up in the middle of the night with one pillow on top of me, one wrapped around me, the dog sleeping on one, Angel hugging one, and the smallest neck pillow the only one being put to proper use.

My bed has completely been taken over by the Pillow Apocalypse and it must be stopped.

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