Maternity Monday- Half Way Mark

I know it probably feels like I just announced my pregnancy, but I would like to point out that we announced our pregnancy to the general population when we were already 3 months deep.  So add 3 months of secret knowledge onto your public knowledge and that equals the half way mark.  I’m officially half way there and death be to the first person who utters the word “overdue”

This week my baby’s the size of either a banana, carrot, or butternut squash.  Pregnancy books vary in produce this week, which further proves that my made up ones are just as accurate.  For those of you who don’t “eak-spay roduce-pray” I’ve decided to declare this week the week of the 7 inch Woolly Mammoth because apparently my little boy is covered in hair and if those aren’t crazy long tusks that he’s jabbing me with, than I’m going to have a baby with long basketball legs.  Since I’m only 5’2″ and Angel’s somewhere in the 5’7″ range, process of elimination leaves me to believe that I’m carrying the world’s smallest Woolly Mammoth.

Let’s discuss heat, shall we?  I would like the news to shut the heck up about “how hot” they think 100 degrees is and “how miserable” everyone is in it.  It’s been averaging 114 here and I’m carrying around an extra 10 pounds of Woolly Mammoth everywhere I go.  Besides that, my adorable husband insists on parking the new car as far away as possible and making his pregnant wife hike to the store in some form of cruel Death March.  I’ve been sucking down water like it’s my life line (becausehello, it is) and heading to the bathroom a lot less which is a HORRIBLE SIGN.  In fact, I’m pretty sure running errands on Friday I had mild dehydration and I’ve been feeling like I’m melting into the ground ever since.

Last night at roughly 3am Angel and I (and by this, I mean just plain I) nearly came to blows over the ceiling fan speed.  I don’t care how much that stupid thing makes noise that you think keeps you up.  I have a lot of things keeping me up, like the crazy long tusks our baby jabs into me every 5 minutes, all of the bathroom disruptions, and the fact that our bedroom is the hottest room of the house and closing in on 82 degrees at 3am and for the love of God sleep in the other room if the fan is too much for you! Oh, you just asked why I was getting up?  It’s to turn the fan higher and the AC lower and I will stab you in the eyeball with a fork if you make any comments about the electricity bill that’s coming for this.  Here, here’s an extra blanket for you so you stop shivering.  I know it’s bad when my hairball of a dog is curled into a ball UNDER my pregnancy pillow when I woke up this morning.  This is a maneuver she typically saves for the winter nights that we sleep with the window open.  And yet, I still feel like I’m melting.  So that’s been fun.

This is the cuteness that I’m freezing out of bed at night

On to more thrilling topics then my sleep habits.

Tying the Guinness Book of World Records for fastest time a couple agrees on a baby name, Angel and I are about 99% sure we have a winner.  I’ve been keeping a veryshort list of baby names that I like as I came across them that Angel had no idea I was doing.  Angel approached the naming topic gingerly (see: Hormonal PregZilla) and asked if I had thought of any names yet that I liked.  I said I haven’t thought about it at all (LIE) and he said that there was one name he liked.  He said it, I freaked out, took out my list of two names, and said name was number 1.

Fast forward 2 days to driving in the car and Angel asked if I had a chance to think of middle names.  I said no, he told me he had Googled it and found one that he really liked.  Again, he said it, and after I repeated it a few times I said “Ya know, I really like that!”  We’ve been calling Baby Rivas by name since to make sure we still like it.  The more we say it, the more we like it.  And we’re both in agreement that we think we have named our first born.

And the winner is……

To be announced in November

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